Which types of web server will be best for the website?


Today is the time based on the web, and every sort of information is there available on it. People around the world are surfing information at any time on different topics; it could be like technology, history, politics, and many others. This information is spread across the World Wide Web, and it is done through the webserver. Web server is a sort of computer system which processes the request through HTTP, and then the information is given to the end-users. With the advancement of technology, many types of web servers are available in the market, and as per the cost of a web server and requirement, one can choose the right one for their website.

  1. Apache Web Server – This is the web server that is very popular around the world. The Apache Software Foundation is developing it. This is open-source software that supports mostly every operating system which is running these days such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Unix, and many others. Most of the machines which are working are running on this web server. It is very easy to customize on it as it has a modular structure. Modification could be done easily on it as per the requirement. With the recent advancement in the Apache, there are more features added to it. So, one can choose the right version of it, and as per that cost of a web server is needed to be paid.
  1. IIS web server – This is similar to that of Apache, but it has a drawback that it is not open-source software. Microsoft develops this. In this, it will not be easy to do the modifications. This is being developed as well as maintained by Microsoft, so it works well with the windows operating system. If any of the issues are there for the customer, then full support is easily available to them. So, in case of any problem, there are not many worries about handling those issues.
  1. Nginx web server – This works on open source software which includes proxy servers such as IMAP/POP3. There are different features for which the Nginx web server is known for such as stability, performance is high, low resource usage, and simple configuration. In recent times it is getting more popular, and people are using it for hosting their sites.
  1. Light Speed Web server – This web server is being used as a commercial web server. It is just a sort of replacement for the apache web server. With most of the apache common features, it is compatible with it. It will improve the performance as well as the operating cost is also less. So, with this, there will be a low cost of a web server. It can load the Apache configuration files directly and replaces the Apache in not more than 15 minutes and takes zero downtime. It replaces easily all the functions of Apache, by simplifying the transition from Apache very easily and smoothly. In today’s time, many companies prefer it.

Based on the requirements of a website, web hosting companies choose web servers. There are things which are also to be taken care of as the software or application used by them and traffic which is going to be there on a web server. So, taking all these things into consideration, the cost of a web server is to be decided.