Essential guideline: How to send a message using Instagram Direct


Via the Instagram DM tool, it is quite smooth to send a direct message to your friends or a group. All you have to do is to follow the app guidelines. It is very simple. Just open the iOS or android application, and there you will see an icon (upper right side). By clicking on this icon you will be able to start new conversations. 

Take a photo or video and go through the filter

You can start by taking a photo or video using the Snap camera icon. With this feature, we get the permission of uploading images via Instagram DM. We can also edit the images while adding some basic filters.

Add a caption to your image

If you want to add a caption to your photo or video, you can type it in by clicking on ‘Aa’ at the top right of the screen. Captions are a great way to share your thoughts with the photo or video you’re uploading. And a great way to share your thoughts with the photo or video you’re uploading.

Go ahead and select ‘Send Directly’ contact

Adding a caption and sharing your photo is easy. However, you need to select at least one contact. You must select a contact from the ‘Send Directly’ tab. After doing this, the application will upload the images as a private message.

Select more than 12 contacts in ‘Send Directly’

You can choose up to 15 recipients for your Instagram Direct massage. Touch the circles on the screen right next to your contacts. It is positioned on the right side. Now it’s time to send your message.

Your message is inside the Instagram DM icon in the Feed

You should know that, at this point, all of your messages are located in your Instagram DM feed which is located in the top right corner of the app. Here, the message will be shown in a group of friends you have chosen – or the friend you have sent your message to. You can continue communicating and sharing text by touching each conversation.

Check if your friends have seen your message

Don’t forget to check if your friends have viewed your message. You can do this by tapping the Instagram DM feed again, and every conversation you want. If your friend has seen your message, they will see a mini eye icon with their username on the side, at the bottom of the screen (just above the text bar). On the other hand, the mini icon appears once when you send the message to a group. They will be able to respond and also like to your message easily.