Free Windows Utility Programs


If you are interested in free software utility programs there is a website where you can find several. This company offers all their freeware and opensource utilities in a place on their website where these free programs are ready for downloading. You might find these utility programs quite helpful. By joining their community, you can get the following:

  • Questions answered;
  • Provide feedback on these programs;
  • Special request.

This allows you to contribute towards the development of these free programs as well as interact with others who are also trying these programs out. 

Custom software

In addition to providing these free programs, AGR Technology software also offers a custom software development service for those business owners who are interested in an application built to meet a specific need for their websites or businesses. They also offer these online tools that you can use in your browser completely free of charge.


NetAudit is a free Windows utility that is simple to use and is designed to allow any system administrator an insight into their network. This utility program will let you run many various and different functions such as:

  • Able to ping any DNS server or IP address without the command line;
  • Run the route for tracing without the command line;
  • Allow for statistic inspection of any processes running that connects to the internet;
  • Will quickly run a whois check on an IP address or website;
  • Save all logs using this program to a .txt file.

System requirements

There are some system requirements in order to use this utility program and they include:

  • Using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, with help for you to be doing that;
  • Running one of mentioned version of Windows XP/Vista 
  • To obtain the installer requires using an archiving utility program such as 7zip.

If you have any problems using the NetAudit, this company has links to where you can get help.