Great Flexibility of Chatbot Usages


The chatbot adapts to users and simplifies the use of services, it is always available to respond to customer concerns. It is therefore an excellent way to support the sales department and to offer many individualized services.

It allows companies to boost their presence on messaging platforms and manage their customers, without downloading applications.

Chatbot and business marketing

Internet users spend a lot of time on messaging apps, cell phones and computers. In addition, more than 60% of smartphone users today prefer to interact with companies through a robot.

The chatbots can help marketers to take advantage of this situation to optimize communication with consumers. They make it possible to follow the evolution of trend changes in order to take rapid measures to prevent possible crises.

This technology is an important element in meeting the growing demand for analysis due to the increase in the number of digital platforms. It allows brands to find the data they need instantly.

This virtual assistant is essential for managing clients in large companies. It can be integrated into the instant messaging interface to provide many services. This is the case with Facebook Messenger, which makes it possible to meet people, contact customer service, make purchases, advise, assist and retain customers.

The skills of this machine are not limited to B2C customer relations. It is used to re-humanize automatic tasks in B2B.

The chatbot compared to a human

The chatbot’s performance in customer relations is indisputable, but that doesn’t make it human.

During a conversation, the user should know that he is chatting with software and not a man. The role of this software is to guide the dialogue in the right direction and to answer classic questions. If he is not able to perform an operation or suggest an alternative, it is up to human agents to take over. This is the reason why there is a balance between the two entities.

Human agents in a customer service cannot address all consumer concerns simultaneously, whereas the robot can. Therefore, we can say that he is closer to customers than human agents.

It should be noted that this virtual assistant acquires personality insofar as it is a point of observation between the brand and the customers. This is one of his representations. As such, it is no longer a software solution, but an embodiment of the company. Its role and identity must be clearly defined.

How to set up a chatbot?

Its implementation requires the mastery of certain technical elements related to marketing. It is also recommended to follow steps in order to respond to customer demand.

Know your needs

The chatbot can be created in different ways, it is now accessible to everyone. It is up to the brand to know its needs in order to opt for the ideal solution.

First and foremost, company managers must ask themselves whether this artificial intelligence software meets customer demands. Moreover, it would be a bad practice to create computer programs to transcribe forms to be filled out.