What are the virtues of Vidmate app that makes it fairly popular?


The mobile steaming market is competition driven. With the entry of apps like Amazon the competition has intensified further. One thing is for sure the quality of content provided has increased. Though apps in the form of YouTube can provide you with downloading free videos, but you will be annoyed with constant ads. In terms of money, making these ads are the pillars on which the app thrives. While watching a video, user is often heckled by such ads. The worst part is that these ads are so annoying that a user would often switch off the video.

Hold on! Help in the form of Vidmatefor Android has arrived. This app makes the task of downloading and video steaming an easy task. Users are presented with an option of downloading hundreds of videos without any charge. As compared to the other downloading apps a user does not have to churn in any subscription fees for downloading the videos. There are certain factors that make this app a popular one among the users. Let us get into details

Free download

A user of this app has an option to download videos as per their choice. In fact you can even download the videos without an active internet connection. For downloading this app offers a variety of options for a user. As per their desire a user can download the video in a format of their choice.

Downloading at high speed

The app has the ability to throttle the download speed of your device. When you are downloading through this app you do have the option to increase the downloading bandwidth. This not only increases the speed of download but also goes on to save time. This is a feature that is exclusively restricted to this app and peps up the speed of 3 G connections.

Secure connection

The app provides the users with a secure connection. So when you are using this app you can take solace from the fact that no hacker is snooping on you or even your mobile device. By secure connections this would also mean that your phone is safe from virus or malware.

Without any account free download

Most of the Android apps do need a Google account to operate, but this app is completely free. Even to download this app there is no need for a social account. From the official website of the company you can download this app.

From Vidmate app YouTube videos can be downloaded

Not like its competitors, Vitiate app allows you to download any videos present on its website. You can share it with your friends on social media platforms. This process works out to be really easy as an user has to just paste the link on to the app. There is another alternate way to search in the app as it is going to detect the video automatically for you in the search bar.

To conclude, the user interface of this app is simple and elegant.