How to choose the right ATS for your recruiting business


Choosing the right ATS is crucial to the success of any recruitment business.

Think about it – you can spend your efforts posting, retweeting, and using every other social media trick in the book to maximize reach. But if your Applicant Tracking System is too complicated and inefficient for potential candidates, then your efforts would be wasted. An inefficient software also slows down your recruitment team, making it harder for them to operate effectively.

But with the right ats crm software like Recruiterflow you can significantly increase the number of quality hires, foster better candidate relationships, and grow your business. Here are a few things to look for in an ATS.

1. Ease Of Use  

The most important feature of an ATS is the interface and the ease with which it can be used by candidates and employees.

You want a software that requires minimal training for your employees to get used to so they can spend more of their time hiring and focusing on candidate relationship management.

2. Smooth Candidate Experience 

The right ATS CRM software should allow for a smooth candidate experience and shouldn’t be time-consuming. Too many clicks, slow performance, and multiple pages can frustrate candidates and even result in a few of them quitting the recruitment process altogether.

Your ats crm software should also give candidates a more personal experience, allowing them to resolve doubts quickly and efficiently and giving them a clearer picture of their position in the recruitment funnel. This will help candidates stay engaged throughout the process.

3. Multiple Job Postings

The right ats crm software like Recruiterflow should be capable of posting job openings on multiple job boards simultaneously. This way you can ensure that you’re reaching out to the maximum number of potential candidates and offering them roles they are specifically looking for.

4. Complete Integration  

Every successful recruitment business integrates their ATS with the CRM software they’re using in order to maximize the effectiveness of their business. When you’re deciding on an ATS, you want to ensure that it can be easily integrated into all aspects of your business. You should also make sure that it’s accessible across all platforms and on various kinds of devices.

5. Legal Compliance

The ATS you’re using must adhere to all legal compliances in the country you’re operating in. Certain countries have strict laws regulating the kind of information you’re allowed to access and store on an ATS.

So you want to ensure that you’re using an ATS that adheres to the laws put in place so you can avoid legal issues.

6. Automatization  

The right ats crm software like Recruiterflow should allow you to automate mundane and menial tasks so you won’t have to waste valuable time focusing on them.

Tasks like replying to FAQS, scheduling meetings, and responding to emails can be automated with the right software so you can focus your efforts on hiring and improving your business.

Automating tasks like scheduling and sourcing can also help make your business more effective. Through automatic scheduling, interviews and meetings can be set up when they are convenient for all the parties involved. With the right software, sourcing becomes a lot easier as jobs are posted on portals that are likely to yield better results, which would be difficult to figure out manually.

7. Reporting    

An effective ats crm software like Recruiterflow can provide you with feedback in the form of visual representations, giving you a clear picture of your firm’s performance. By studying your recruitment metrics you can figure out what’s working, what isn’t, and where you should direct more of your efforts.

By tracking progress and implementing changes based on the visual feedback you receive, you can build and expand your business, and getting the right ATS is the first step.

Find The Right One

If you’re running a recruitment business, it’s important to integrate an ATS that will be able to handle the basic tasks listed out here. The right software will give your firm an edge over the competition and give you the necessary leverage to make your business a resounding success.