Top 3 Bitcoin Exchanges in South Africa


What to make the most of the cryptocurrency frenzy? Well, step one is finding a reliable platform. Don’t fall prey to a platform that offers you a service to buy and sell bitcoin and disappears in a few months. Bitcoin being a virtual currency is very hard to put your faith into. This is why you need a reliable exchange platform. 

When you look for a platform you must also consider the number of active users, the duration of the service and most important the ease of usage. There is no point in hopping on a platform, for example- Luno and then not knowing how does Luno work? Take time and find the right platform for you. Here are the top 3 recommendations.


  • Luno 


One of the most popular and trustworthy apps in the South Africa market is Luno. They provide a simple user interface, a secure payment gateway, and a low transaction fee. They are supported by the major dominators of the crypto world such as Coindesk. They have a custodial crypto wallet which makes all your investments safe and secure. 

They accept all major credit cards, debit cards and bank payments for the purchase of crypto. Their customer service is on point, so you need not worry about how does Luno works. The biggest advantage is the zero percent transaction fee when you place a limit order. 


  • Coinmama 


After Luno, the second most popular choice is Coinmama. They have been players of the game from the start and have a solid tech team. They make the buying and selling of both Bitcoin and Ethereum a very easy task. The reason many opt for Coinmama is that they allow users to buy bitcoins from them as an aggregator than from other users. This assures the users with a single point of sale. Since this makes your purchase from them and not between users, you will need a pre-existing bitcoin wallet like LegerNanoX or TrezorT to allow a medium of transfer. They charge a small processing fee of five percent when you buy from them. 




This London bases company has been in the top choice for many users across the globe. Their service is effective and efficient. Since they have been functioning in the industry for so many years they have to build a fan base with higher believability in the crypto space. They do not charge any processing fee to users who wish to buy crypto, they make their bucks from selling you the currency at a premium price.