How to earn money from Gmail & YouTube?


Google is introducing its features day by day; recently Google introduced its feature in which users can earn money from Gmail. Google earns money from Google+, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Buzz and Google Hangouts. Google 96% earns from AdSense  and AdWords, which shows that earning out Google’s part, is all about advertisement and advertisement only. But, Gmail makes money from Adsense  only because it is getting paid for each advertisement. Advertisements are charged through “Impressions” and “Per Click”. It pay on per 1000 impressions.

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Making money from Gmail is also like as affiliate marketing in which you send a product’s links to the people. You can collect people’s email ids from different domains or different social platform. When they click on that links then you earn money from that clicks, if they buy any products through your links then you will earn more money.

It means that if you have more impressions then you can earn more money. For more impressions, you need to buy bulk Gmail accounts for it.

Making money on Youtube now became the fever in the public especially in the young generation. Most of the people just know that ad revenue is the only way to make money on Youtube. But it is not the only way, Youtube have also other way to make some money,

  • You can earn money to become a Youtube partner. In this strategy, you need to start a channel and fulfill the Youtube partner program requirements like, subscribers and watch hours. For subscribers and watch hours, Gmail accounts for sale here to help you to meet the requirements. After that, set up an Adsense account then explore your new monetization features and finally submit to ongoing reviews.
  • If you have a business, then Youtube is the best place which provides you the best opportunity to sell your products. When you promote your products in the videos then you must need more subscribers of your channel that can watch your videos and buy your products. If you want to increase your subscriber then you must need to buy Gmail accounts. It is the easy way to get more subscribers and watch time.
  • If you have a big fan following then you can earn money from sponsored content. In this way, you need to use the content of your promoting brands. First, find the best and famous brands and making a deal with them because in Youtube, you are allowed to negotiate directly with brands then you need to make sure that you are follow the Google ads policies and it is good for your legal health.

  • Convince your audience to pay you directly is another way to earn money from Youtube. In this strategy, you host live chats where people can use super chat and you have to agree them to become member of your channel. For convince, you need to buy Gmail accounts for contact them with different ways and show them with different products for interactions. When they become the member then next step is that, you need to encourage them to become YouTube premium subscribers.
  • Crowd funding account is also the way to make money. In this way, you need to set up crowd funding account then promote the campaign in your video.