Considerations to Analyze Before Choosing a Smartphone


Buying a techtimes smartphone is a huge decision and looking at the variety of models makes one feel overwhelmed. Smartphones are high-end electronics but necessary items. However, you can narrow your options and spend cash wisely on crucial features. Knowing your priorities will make choosing features and model simple.

Considerations to analyze before choosing a Smartphone

Your budget

How much you can afford to spend and what is your choice? iPhones are more expensive than Androids. Even if you choose a cheap Apple iPhone SE it can cost around $400, which is a perfect budget for the iOS platform.

Another high-priced brand is Samsung but on the lower price scale, you will find Motorola, Honor, and Nokia. People save upfront costs by choosing a subsidized phone with a carrier to whom monthly installments are paid over a couple of years. These financial loans don’t save cash but a long-term payment makes the phone costly with more affordable features. Check the collection on

What features you want?

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Make a list of the most critical features based on your needs. Compare devices using this list. Ask yourself questions like –

  • Do you want a large screen?
  • Do you desire for 4-camera or extended battery life?
  • Do you need a dual SIM phone?
  • Do you require plenty of storage for photos and music?
  • Do you plan to add 5G to your phone?

Which OS do you favor?

There are two Operating Systems associated with smartphones worth considering – iOS and Android. Both are user-friendly and support the majority of games and apps. The operating systems of both differ, so when you switch from iOS to Android and vice versa there is a learning curve. For ease, you can stick to the platform you are comfortable with unless you desire to choose a different one.

  • iOS – Apple’s iOS is uniform, easily accessible, and the operations are secure due to proprietary features like FaceTime, fingerprint scanning, Siri, and iCloud. Due to Apple’s surveillance of app processes, the software quality available on the App store is better than Android. If you own an iPad or MacBook then iPhone is ideal but there can be limitations in accessories choice.
  • Android – Customers acquire extensive device choices, extra customization options along with built-in apps and Google’s excellent suite like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. If you are using all these Google suites then Android is an ideal option. However, iOS versions of these tools are available on the App store.

What specs do you prefer the most?

  • Design should not just look good but even make you feel comfortable.
  • The screen size recommended is 1920 X 1080 pixels [minimum of full HD] because you will spend hours staring at the screen.
  • Performance [power efficiency & speed] depends on processor and RAM.
  • Cameras have enhanced a lot and are more than high megapixel counts. Test the phone!
  • Battery life is indicated via mAh, but remembers capacity will also get affected by resolution, screen size, and apps.
  • A minimum of 32GB can be sufficient but 64GB is great. The android devices include MicroSD card slots but Apple doesn’t!

You will also need to check the stereo speaker’s performance, headphone jack, and the reputation of the brand!