How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities on Blogs  


Guest blogging has become increasingly popular in recent years since it provides bloggers with numerous advantages, including the ability to establish a positive reputation, get their brand in front of a larger audience, gain hundreds or thousands of new dedicated readers, and improve their SEO metrics. However, finding high-quality guest posting opportunities might be tough at times. Even if you do find worthy ones, how you approach them and how you reach out to them can make or break your chances of getting your work published. Developing a relationship with other successful bloggers can help you get through some of the red tapes.

Search Operators on Google

Most blogs that welcome guest contributions will have a page on their website with guest author guidelines. This will make it easier for you to find them using Google. And it’ll be considerably easier if you use some of Google’s advanced search operators. Simply look for the same terms that appear on the guidelines page, then add your relevant keyword.

Vet the blog

While there are numerous advantages to guest blogging, such as expanding your audience and establishing a name, you should also focus on blogs that will help you with SEO. This doesn’t imply linking back from 100 guest posts with the phrase “how to shave,” but it does mean using the opportunity to cautiously broaden your link profile and encourage Google into discovering what other inquiries you can help with.


Use tools to assist you in locating guest posting possibilities

Another way to find guest posting possibilities is to use numerous programs to assist you in your search, such as:

  • Content research tools
  • Social listening tools
  • Audience overlap tools

You can use this tool to find guest blogs if you search for your topic keywords + “guest post” or “guest post by” in the content research tool. This will assist you in discovering related blogs that accept guest posts. When it comes to social listening tools, some allow you to scan the entire internet while others focus just on social media monitoring – both alternatives can produce excellent results.

Buy Them 

Buying backlinks has always been a hazy grey area in terms of ethical link-building techniques. This makes guest blogging even more difficult, as websites that accept guest posts  require you to pay for them. Paying for links, on the one hand, is against Google’s rules. It’s possible that your website will be penalised, which you certainly don’t want to happen. Despite this, it is still a prevalent practise, and most websites are not fined.

Become a member of online communities

You can join a variety of online groups for digital marketers. They can be found on social networking platforms that allow users to organise their own groups. n You’ll find some forums where members contribute guest blogs they’ve written if you’re looking for guest posting chances. They may also give a list of blogs that allow guest posts. These communities can help you identify current and future possibilities.