Why Streaming Dedicated Server is Perfect for Live Streaming


Either you are a beauty blogger who shares their daily-skin care routine and step-by step tutorials about skin-care and make-up looks for the online audience who follows you. Or you are a business owner who is specialized in giving webinars and videos about your skills on online platforms to thousands of users all over the world. Or you can be a musician who loves to show your talent to inspire people for music and to subscribe on your page. Whether you are beauty influencer or a businessman the two most common factor in them are :

  • In all these cases, they pertain to the category in which they all require video sharing and streaming.
  • They require a proper website hosting to grab the attention of their audiences.

This is where Video Streaming Dedicated Server comes to action as it is the most effective and powerful type of website hosting that is specially made to maintain your overall content hosting and audio or video server hosting. In simple words it can be said that with the help of a Streaming Dedicated Servers you get the opportunity to manage or control your content created by you and how you want to share it with your     special audience and online customers. In Spite of sharing your content on other external platforms like YouTube or Instagram, you get full flexibility to share and distribute your content with a dedicated server.

Difference between Streaming Dedicated Servers vs Downloading Content

When you look from a technical point of view, streaming technology is a one that permits a continuous transfer of audio and video files from  a particular Streaming Dedicated Servers to the end-user. Or in ordinary words, when you watch a movie or series on Netflix or connect to your iPhone to listen to your entertaining podcast it is streaming only.

So here is the answer to your question: Dedicated Server For video server hosting means watching any file or video online without actually downloading it from the server. It is just a method that involves listening to audio and watching video but no download. But for streaming any audio or video it is necessary to read it from a file. By reading the file, a particular audio or video file is stored remotely over the internet and gradually transmitted to the user within seconds.

On the other hand, downloading is a very old but efficient process. Downloading is nothing but copying the entire file that you like to save on your computer, laptop, disc or hard-drive. The bad thing about downloading is that you can’t open or play the file while downloading as you have to wait till it gets finished.

There is no harm in saying that streaming is a catch for most of the users. Streaming goes hand-in hand with a fast server which means that you don’t experience any trouble in opening the file and faces issues like poor quality and buffering. And for an effective and high-quality streaming  it is important to have reliable Streaming Dedicated Servers.

What’s the Streaming Dedicated Servers? 

Web streaming hosting is a technology that helps in handling the high-bandwidth and the processing requirements that are needed when streaming a large amount of content online. Not only streaming but Streaming Dedicated Servers are also helpful in so many other tasks. Here are the reasons.

Video Streaming Dedicated Server is nothing but a physical machine that has all the necessary resources like (bandwidth, RAM, CPU and others) thar are kept for your usage. With proper and advanced security and control,Video Streaming Dedicated Server is perfect for tech-guys and people who run online businesses that need intensive resources and run on a high traffic for daily work.

When it comes to other shared hosting services, you share only a piece of the defined sources with hundreds of other individuals who are linked with the same server. But when you opt for a dedicated server, then you get the complete resource for your use which means that no interruptions by any other user.

VPS hosting gives you and your website its own personal space but it is important to know that you’ll still be sharing a server that will not disturb your performance and give better results than shared hosting. A Video Streaming Dedicated Server and a VPS hosting have some similarities but a DS offers greater customization qualities, fast page-loading times and greater uptime.

What Characteristics Are Required for Content Hosting and Streaming Dedicated Servers?

If you are confused about whether to go for a Dedicated Server For Streaming that can meet your demand of content video server hosting as well as streaming or not then the features described below will halo you in taking the best decision.

#1. Bandwidth

A Dedicated Server For Streaming is hosted only in a data center environment which means you get an enormous amount of bandwidth for your tasks and streaming. It is important to know that  a Dedicated Server’s bandwidth is mostly allotted by the terabyte. By numerous service providers allow some servers, advantages, and specifications.

#2. Data Storage

It is already mentioned above in the article that whenever an audio or video is streamed, it needs to be read from a file on disc. In this case, Your server required space for data storage on the disk. Live Video streaming server is really important as it says how much space you are left with for files. Larger applications require a huge data storage amount and because of this many dedicated servers use solid-state drives and hard-disk drives for the back-up processes.

From the last few years, dedicated servers are using a modern storage protocol named as Non-Volatile Memory Express. This etiquette works with SSD (solid-state drives) which allows more active outputs/ inputs with a much higher bandwidth.

#3. Server Control

Another significant benefit of having a Dedicated Server For Streaming is that it gives you complete control on how you want to run and configure your server, in an isolated environment. You can manage your own operating system and can manage all your hardware specifications by a DS. These benefits make Dedicated Server loved by advanced web developers and companies.

#4. Server Security

Dedicated Server For video stream hosting gives you privacy which means that you are the only one who can access your server because you are not sharing server with anyone else. Servery security gives your peaks like no harmful configurations and software vulnerabilities which are a threat to your data. This will help you in optimizing any features that are required for a website and files.

With a DS you are the only one who gets the responsibilities of how to implement the features to your website.


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