How To Get The IMEI Code Of The Mobile You Want To Unlock


As you are checking, in all cases, your IMEI code is necessary to obtain the unlock code that allows you to unlock your mobile. You may have been wondering how you can get it at this point. Don’t worry, and it’s straightforward. Every mobile has this code since it leaves the factory, and there are no two alike in the world. You have several ways to do it:

Type on the mobile that you want to know the IMEI code * # 06 #

Regardless of which mobile device brand, you can even use it to unlock stylo 5 and which company you operate with. A 15-digit code will appear on the mobile screen. It is your IMEI code.

Look For It In The Mobile Settings

Each mobile has its settings, but with slight variations, the procedure is the same. In settings, in the information about the phone and status, you will find information about the IMEI to see the code.

Look It Up On The Physical Phone

Typically the IMEI code is written under the mobile battery (external mobile battery) (not to be confused with. In addition to requesting the unlock code to unlock a mobile phone, the IMEI code is used to identify a stolen phone. In its box and invoice, probably also on the mobile itself under the battery, it acts similarly to the chassis number of a vehicle’s engine, which is why it is interesting to know it and have it written down in one or more places.

You see that today it is straightforward to unlock a mobile for free and from home. It will be a faster process in some companies than in others, but the difficulty to do it successfully is minimal in all of them. If you want to free mobile, do not hesitate, it has no difficulty.

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