How to Perform Goal Celebrations in FIFA 19


Scoring goals in FIFA 19 can be tough against any opponent team and when it does happen, it is indeed a cause of celebration that must be enjoyed. Goal celebration can be performed in FIFA 19 through a variety of ways and while some of them can be signature ways, others can be more generic. These celebrations are special types of moves that are done by players when they score a goal for their team.

While some goal celebrations can be available for all players, some others can be unique and limited to certain players. Also, goal celebration can depend on the playing medium and hence, we discuss this topic in detail in the following sections and look at all the different ways in which goal celebration can be performed most extraordinarily.

  • The button combinations to perform goal celebration – There are some obvious button combinations that can be executed to perform a goal celebration while playing the game on PC. Scoring a goal in itself can be quite pleasurable and then celebrating it satisfyingly can give any user a lot of accomplishment for the feat. We mention here some of the ways of celebrating a goal with ample pleasure.

To perform KO, a user has to hold LB and then double-tap X so that KO can be performed easily. For performing Hand Bite, hold LT and then flick the right stick up and down. For doing Little Brother, a user has to hold LT and then double-tap B. In case of Calm Down, hold LB and then double-tap Y. To do Motorbike, a user has to again hold LB and then hold RS downwards. For Muevelo, one has to hold LB and then flick the RS to left and right. For Push Ups, hold RB and then flick RS left and right. To just Dance, hold RB and flick RS to down and down.

In the same way, to perform Right Here Right Now, hold RB and press B. To Stand Tall, hold LT and shift RS to the left. To do Old Man, hold LT and then press R3. For doing Phone It In, hold LB and then hold the RS up. To hang loose, hold LB and flick RS up and down. For Patty Cake, hold Lb and flick RS to the right. The Worm can be performed by holding RB and RS in a circle in the clockwise direction. And finally, Giddy Up can be done by holding RB and pressing RS.

  • Celebrating a goal on the PS4 – Similarly, in PS4 too, goal celebration can be done in many ways by involving L1, L2, and R1. Some of them are listed here for understanding. By holding L1, many celebrations can be made out of which the prominent ones are KO (with Double Tap Square), Calm Down (with Double Tap Triangle), Motorbike (with Hold RS down), Muevelo (with flicking RS to left and right), Phone It In (with Holding RS Up), Hang Loose (with Flicking RS Up and Down), and the Patty Cake (with Flicking Rs to the right).

By holding L2, many other types of celebrations can be made like the Hand Bite (by Flicking Right Stick Up and Down), Little Brother (by Double Tapping the Circle), Stand Tall (by Holding RS to the left), and Old Man (by pressing R3). Similarly, by holding R1, many types of celebrations can be activated like The Worm (with RS in circle Clockwise), Push Ups (by Flicking RS to right and left), and Dance (by Flicking RS to down).

  • Celebrating a goal on the Xbox One – Just like in PS4, by making use of LB, LT, and RB in Xbox One, many types of goal celebrations can be performed that includes Right Here Right Now, Stand Tall, Old Man, Phone IT IN, and all the rest that have been discussed earlier.

Signature and random celebrations can be activated in FIFA 19 by using the option Circle/B and X/A. However, either of the buttons prompt mentioned in the earlier sections can also be used for celebrations. But the new system can be very helpful for those users who may not want to memorize all the prompts.

Therefore, we can see here that there are many ways of celebrating a goal in FIFA 19 and if users can memorize some of them through the course of play, that can offer them a large number of celebratory moves. If not, the random celebration by the system can also be as good and entertaining.