5 Best Routers for Cable Internet


  1. NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220
  2. ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2
  3. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home WiFi 6 System 
  4. TP-Link Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router System
  5. NETGEAR AC1600 Gigabit Router

Having the right internet equipment is crucial if you don’t want your monthly internet subscription to go to waste. Make sure you have chosen your internet router wisely. Here are the 5 best cable internet routers for you to pick from. 

NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220

The most important thing while choosing a router for your cable internet is its compatibility with your provider. This is why the NETGEAR C6220 is one of the best routers you can get. It is compatible with both Spectrum and Suddenlink internet, one of the most affordable providers out there. The router is good for covering an area of about 1200 square feet. It is good for people who need stable and secure wired internet connections, as the router comes with 2 gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 USB port. If you are in search of a router for a large family home, then this router’s capability to connect with 20 devices at a time makes it perfect for you. It has 16×4 channel bonding, DOCSIS 3.0 standards, and comes with many security protocols including WPA/WPA2. 


For Cox, Xfinity, and Spectrum internet users, the ARRIS SURFboard router is ideal. It is a vertically standing router with LED indicators that let you get a quick glance at your internet connection’s status. The maximum speed this router works with is 1400 Mbps, ideal for gamers, streamers, and people working from their homes. It has powerful 32×8 channel bonding and is a DOCSIS 3.0 router. The router lets you connect your game consoles and PCs to the internet through the 4 robust Ethernet ports.

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home WiFi 6 System 

Even if you are subscribed to a high speed internet plan from the best internet provider, you still will experience weak signals if your router is not good enough. This is why the quality of the router you choose with your internet connection is so crucial. If you have a large home or a double-floor house where internet signal coverage is not evenly spread, you should invest in this NETGEAR Orbi whole-home Wi-Fi system. Firstly, it has the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that guarantees good coverage and better speeds. Secondly, the router is equipped with versatile compatibility, as it can be used with DSL, fiber, and cable internet. You don’t even need any pricey professional installation for this router. It comes with a mobile app that lets you set up the router within minutes. 

TP-Link Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router System

Speaking of Wi-Fi 6 and whole-home Wi-Fi systems, let’s not forget to mention the TP-Link Tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router system. The routers come in a pair of twos and create a mesh network in your home to guarantee strong signal coverage. Mesh networking in routers is still relatively new technology, and therefore pricier than regular routers. However, the results make them worth it. You can cover an area of about 5500 square feet and can work with more than 150 devices at a time. It is highly recommended for family homes with extensive internet use, or even in small office spaces. Lastly, the router is compatible with internet plans as high as 1 gigabit.

NETGEAR AC1600 Gigabit Router

For all those gamers and streamers who think cable internet is not enough for their needs, this AC1600 gigabit router is here for you. This router is compatible with gigabit internet speeds and ensures reliable signal coverage and strength. The router features a very sleek and sophisticated design, so it’s also going to look good sitting on your desk or workstation. It’s compatible with all Wi-Fi 6 devices and older versions as well. Additionally, the router has 800 MHz processors, dual-band Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity to ensure robust performance. Its beamforming technology guarantees your internet signals are not scattered chaotically. The router comes with the Nighthawk app that you can use to monitor its functionality closely. It is perfect for homes with more than 10 devices! 


If you are investing in a high speed plan by spectrum or any other provider, you must ensure that you have the right equipment to accommodate such high speeds. Also keep in mind that routers are essential for spreading Wi-Fi signals in your home, so every user and every device gets enough signals. For Spectrum’s gigabit internet, you should opt for either TP-Link’s Deco mesh router. Or, you can, you might as well, choose the Netgear Orbi whole-home Wi-Fi router system for similar quality of services. 

To make sure you are selecting the right router, you can speak to an expert at Spectrum customer service. For help in the Spanish language, reach out to servicio al cliente de Spectrum. Suddenlink also has gigabit plans, as well as lower speed plans for people who have a tight budget. You can learn more about Suddenlink-compatible routers from their customer service or servicio al cliente de Suddenlink for Spanish speakers.