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What above all allows a brand to differentiate itself from its competitors is the identity it will create for itself, namely its name, its personality and its sensory marketing (smell, taste, etc.).The most famous first facet, however, remains its visual identity. Indeed, it will contribute to its image and notoriety. It is therefore essential for its customers, just as much as for its internal employees. Using the identity site kit is important there.

Why rework its visual identity?

Before working on your visual identity, it is necessary to know your targets well. To do this, you have to ask yourself the right questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What was their journey, their history?
  • What are their values?
  • Their references?
  • Their motivations?

These are all factors to take into account in order to create an identity in line with its audience and to retain its attention. However, throughout its history, a brand has to change its visual identity several times.

The reasons can be varied, but the main ones are due to:

The evolution of the company:

The visual identity reflects a company: its strengths, its objectives, its customers.

However, if this company experiences major changes such as repositioning, the creation of new offers, or a change in values, it may be useful to rework its logo.

Take the case of MacDonalds: At the end of the 2000s, the fast food restaurant wanted to focus on sustainable development, and thus changed the color of its logo from red to green, a symbol of this reorientation.

If its logo is old-fashioned:

Consider redesigning your logo to stay current

A very attractive logo from a few years ago can now be seen as old and out of fashion these days. Many brands have changed their logo after a few years.

Even if it is often tempting to succumb to the latest graphic trends when creating your identity, the greatest risk remains that the logo is very marked in time, and therefore that it quickly goes out of fashion.

If you want to keep your visual identity for a long time, it is prudent to make more sober choices, and therefore opt for graphic elements that will continue to seduce in several years.

How to rework your visual identity?

Even sites update and purify their interfaces

By reworking our logo, we have two possibilities: to change it, or to create a new one. The total overhaul makes it possible to create a new identity in accordance with the current brand, while a “facelift” allows a logo to be brought up to date, without creating a break and affecting its recognition.

To conclude, when working on your graphic identity, it is essential to keep in mind a few main constraints:

Simplicity: the message conveyed must be simple and understandable by the targets

The connotation: the identity must be based on images that “Speak” to your targets

Consistency: identity must be present everywhere and identical on all media

Singularity: it is the identity that allows a brand to be recognized, it must therefore be unique and differentiating. Never forget that your positioning and your objectives must guide your graphic identity, and not the other way around. This identity is integrated into the overall strategy of your company, in order to maintain consistency.