Top tips to get the best picture quality from your 4K TV


Watching a high-tech television with wrong settings enabled is nothing but driving an exotic car with bad tires. You aren’t getting the full advantage of your buying. If you’ve got yourself a new 4K television, awesome! Before you sit down to watch Netflix series, there are a few easy additions and tweaks that you can make to adjust your 4K TV perform better.

As far as the television market is considered, every now and then high-tech features and state-of-the-art designs are released that means there is always some unique features or ways that one can set up the best quality picture. With many display advances, such as wide color gamut, HDR, 4K ultra HDR, you can expect excellent image quality with even a budget TV.

Here are some tips that can fetch the best picture quality, thereby brining you and your family years of enjoyment.

Do you need to seek professional help?

To get the perfect image, your television should be calibrated or tuned for a specific setup; however, tuning may need professional testing equipment (like X-rite i1 spectrophotometer or Klein K-10A colorimeter). You need not purchase thousands of dollars’ worth of tools. If you aren’t hiring any professionals, you may need to research and study a bit to understand the special setup codes that can fetch you 2 custom viewing modes as per the lighting situation, such as daytime and night viewing.


Whether you’ve purchased a TV mounted on wall or on its table stand, you may need few HDMI cables that can connect a media streamer or blu-ray player capable of 4K HD resolution.


Assuming that you’ve now connected, it’s time to do some initial setup screens, such as color adjustment, temperature, brightness, etc that can have a huge impact on the image quality. You can try with some skin tones or bright highlights features that offer you a more realistic feel. Turn on HDR and adjust speakers or sound bar settings to get the maximum out of your TV.

With bit of knowledge, you can preset picture modes, as following:

Mode Best for
Cinema/Movie Most situations
Sports Man caves and bars
Game Video games
Dynamic/Vivid Best buy showrooms

It is suggested to avoid vivid mode as it can setup color and brightness to its maximum output that often give an exaggerating bright shades and blurring details, as you see in some big-box stores.

Keep these things in mind to ensure that your 4K TV work its best, setting up best-in-class picture quality.