Identify 5 Major Web Design Errors [Avoidable] and Fix It


It is essential to have a website that is created professionally. It helps to establish credibility as well as foster customer relationship and attract new consumers.

The Austin web design firm Lions Share Digital provides an effective website that offers –

  • Optimistic user experience
  • Consistent targeted leads
  • Ongoing sales conversion

If you have a new website developed or an existing one revamped then ask yourself….

  • What are the website goals?
  • How to drive traffic to your URL?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who will keep the website updated and how often?
  • What will be the cost of updates & maintenance?

It will help to set the basics of web strategy as well as avoid costly errors before the website launch. If you have an active website then there is no need to worry. Identify the avoidable mistakes and fix them.

Error 1 – Poor CTA [call to action]

The call to action must be right for the best user experience. It influences the customer on what to do, how to feel, and where to go. CTA highlights the next step visitors need to take. It is a persuasive prompt attached to a button or link. Examples of strong CTAs are Get Started, Buy Now, Add to Cart, Contact Us Today, etc.

Error 2 – No analytics

Analytical tools help to monitor website performance. Website is a huge investment and you need to protect it via analyzing the progress and measuring success. The analytic tool offers valuable insights into customer habits and allows you to set goals for conversion.

Error 3 – Vague branding message

Messaging generically does not appeal to people. You need to tell stories and create compelling communication that connects with the audience emotionally. The message needs to originate from your brand values, beliefs, and vision.

The content on your website needs to resolve the client’s pain points. Don’t pitch your brand but talk to the visitors about how your brand will help them resolve a specific issue. Conversation builds trust and helps to generate leads and increase sales.

Error 4 – Weak SEO practice

A poorly designed website is bad. Nevertheless, the content can make or break site traffic even with a good website structure. Great content offers exclusive value and is organically visible on SERPs. The top ranking does not occur overnight.

There are still web developers that are old-school SEO. It includes stuffing keywords, lots of haphazard backlinks, and thin content. Such websites are open to penalties and bans from search engines. Today, Google bots are smart and you need to focus on long-tail keywords, regularly post quality content, and encourage social engagement.

Error 5 – Slow load speed

The slow website loading speed will make you lose traffic. Slow means the speed has to be less than 3 seconds. Online users are desperate to find information. If the website takes more than 3 sec to load then the visitor leaves. This can badly dent your search engine ranking. It can be a technical glitch. Get the developer to check it and enhance the load time of your existing website. Fast loading speed is a top priority for web development professionals.