illumu, The Only Outstanding Sustainable and Affordable Emotional Wellness Solution


Are you stressed, anxious, lonely, or exhausted? Do you feel inferior, fed up with your old ways or heartbroken? Are you online therapy consuming so much of your money, limited to mere calming exercises and very ineffective? Do not choose to suffer but rather maintain your confidence and deeply understand yourself despite what befalls you. Never grow poor while spending all your money on very expensive but futile apps for your wellbeing. Avoid online therapies, self-help apps, and other apps by downloading the illumu app.

How to work with illumu along the day

illumu is an interactive app that helps you achieve your dreams and finish your day’s work and goals. With your illumu app you can easily:

  • Select the specific part of your life that you need to work on for the day
  • Take record of your emotions at that time
  • Watch a video to get the most appropriate help. Considering your need, illumu will automatically create a video for you.
  • Boost or expand your emotional wellness by ensuring that you do the life-changer every day


The captivating and quick problem-solving illumu toolbox

The illumu app gives you a toolbox that is unique and programmed after a thorough and close consultation with professional behavioral scientists. The premium features of the toolbox include:

Life changers: To build your resilience, ameliorate your moods and heighten self-understanding, we customize recommendations for you based on known life challenges and psychological portrait.

Health: we strive to fine-tune and find your exact emotional experiences as we customize your life changers. With the help of wearable devices, we collect data on your physical health indicators since they are highly related to your emotional experiences.

eMirror: illumu makes it easier for you to evaluate your progress by the use of this feature. If you take a selfie, this miracle tool will use the micro-expressions in the selfie to translate it into seven distinct emotional dimensions that are: Happiness, Disgust, Contempt, Fear, Anger, Surprise, and Sadness. All these provide a path to track your emotional journey, hence your progress.

Diary: With a diary tool, you can either dictate or type your thoughts which is part of a life changer.

Music: we value your entertainment part of life. Depending on your portrait, mood, and objective, illumu will give you vocal and instrumental songs.

Filmography: as also part of your entertainment, we will provide for you a list of short films depending on your mood, portrait, and objectives.5
Calm: In this feature, you will receive mental exercises and affirmations that will soothe your body and mind by providing calming attention to even your surroundings.

Boost: we will ensure that your mind is always active here by making you access poems and short stories to stimulate your mind and create energy surge.

Play: for game lovers, here you will find captivating games that will improve your emotional well-being as you relax. They will help you to change your focus for the better.

Events: at some points, we hold illumu meet-ups that will expand your social network.

Messenger: this gives you a platform to connect with those who have gone through or are going through the experiences that you have.

Quickly decide not to suffer and get a sustainable but cheap emotional wellness solution.