The Smartest Solutions for Choosing Apple Refurbishment


The budget is limited, the dollar grows and falls, and you always want a high-tech smartphone. You go to the used ads site and see a lot of offers at good prices. Someone will say that buying a new smartphone is not a roulette, the other way around is a bargain. Today we will tell you what to look for when buying a used phone.

Model selection

Before buying a Apple refurbished smartphone, decide on a model, select 1-3 models that you like. Then read the reviews with an emphasis on the model’s flaws which often fails. It’s better to note all this in a notebook.

Then decide where you will buy a smartphone. If this is it all depends entirely on the good faith of the seller, since you can only check a phone located in the USA, for example, when you pay for it. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the seller’s rating and the number of goods sold. Foreign platforms for buying used smartphones are 100% Russian roulette.

When choosing a Belarusian site with ads like “flea market”, or you have an advantage, because you can personally check the smartphone when meeting with the seller. Do not trust too low prices for expensive smartphones.

Once you have found a suitable ad, do not rush to call first look at other ads from this seller. If he has many other used smartphones this is an experienced “outbid”. His phones did not go through one hand and are now sold after pre-sale preparation. If the seller has only 1 phone for sale, and besides him, the refrigerator is most likely an ordinary private person. There is less chance of being faked.

What to check

So, you made an appointment. Meet the best in the afternoon so you can have a good look at the phone. Immediately inform the seller about all the checks described below this will weed out a certain percentage of dishonest people.

Be sure to bring along:

  • MicroSD card with plain color pictures and several mp3s.
  • SIM card of the required format (nano, microsim, sim).
  • A paper clip to easily open the SIM card slot.
  • Powerbank or portable charger and MicroUSB cable to check if the smartphone is charging.

Visually check for cracks and chips on the screen and phone case. Then open the back cover and check the moisture indicator this is a special sticker that turns red when moisture gets on it. Many smartphones have it. So you can understand whether your copy “floated”. If it is white, it means that moisture did not get into the phone.

After that, insert the microSD card and SIM card

Turn on the phone and go to the “Gallery”. Run all your pictures in turn. Looking at monochromatic pictures on the screen (red, green, blue background), you can easily find broken pixels on the screen. They do not affect the speed of work, but may be a reason for a discount. Launch any ringtone or song from your microSD card in your phone’s settings. Listen to your phone’s speaker at maximum volume. Then insert the headphones are there any sound there.