Integrate Customer Relationship Management System Into Inbound Marketing


Internet marketing strategies for any small business should not be limited to getting visitors on to their website only. Inbound marketing goes far beyond that. Small business owners should all look into building lists, and integrating the list of contacts into CRM, pipelines, activity stream, tasks, sales reporting, etc. This is all then resulted in the overall digital marketing efforts.   Apply for Digital marketing course in hyderabad to learn more.

CRM (which consists of an automated email marketing system)

A CRM is a customer relationship management system. It allows small business owners to store all their leads in one place with all the relevant information they need to build relationships and close the deal with their leads. The information would usually include the name, email address, phone number, etc of the lead prospects. With such information, the small businesses would be able to set up and launch any email marketing campaigns and/or automation campaigns. For example, one can enable through Sendinblue automation.


Every sales cycle has stages the smal l businesses should track. Properly setting up the tracking allows them to know where people (i.e. website visitors) drop off. The drop-off points could be categorized into outreach, in contact, commitment, etc. Since the stages of the leads are already monitored, the key when using pipelines is to know when exactly to advance the leads to their very next stages. To achieve such goal, unique messages (in the form of emails) must be designed and scheduled to be sent to the leads who are at different stages. Exactly what content to be included in the messages would highly be depended on the products and/or services in which the specific small business is into.

Activity Stream

It is no doubt that context is king these days. Activity stream is recorded in the form of call history, notes, website activity, and more. These information per lead prospect can be extracted easily and quickly right from the CRM. Based on such information, your salespersons (or sales team) will have the background information to follow up with each lead (should the lead qualify). The sales team can also use such information to work out the priority to which lead prospects are much more likely to buy, and they are the people the salespersons should follow up first.


Assign tasks to create accountability in your CRM for each individual salesperson in the team. Set alerts or notifications for them as reminders for them to know that when a task is due. This ensures no good leads are missed.

Sales Reporting

Analytics is always important. Before building up the actual analytics data, reports are compiled It is important to track the performance of individual sales reps, tasks, pipelines,  and more. Actually, the analytics should consist of all the data points that contribute into your marketing funnel.  Learn more at Digital marketing course in bangalore .