What Needs to Be Known About Bitcoins and the Bitcoin Network


Bitcoins are what is called a cryptocurrency. It is a digital currency that is decentralized meaning it does not have a bank or a single administrator and it can be sent from person to person on the bitcoin network without having to go through any agents or intermediaries.

Bitcoin transactions

Transactions made with bitcoins are certified by network nodes by cryptography and is then logged in a public distributed ledger that is referred to as a blockchain. The bitcoin was created in 2008 by some unknown group or person under the name of “Satoshi Nakamoto”. In 2009 its source code was released as open-sourced software. Bitcoins are developed as an award for a process known as mining. Many online stores will take bitcoins as payment for goods or services and it also started to be used as a means of investment.

Dedicated servers

Bitcoin dedicated servers are virtual machines where you as the user has full control over the hardware or software. You decide when you need to reboot the server, make any changes in the operating system, or run anything you want on it. A hosting company might host your server, but you are the only one who does anything with that server. With these dedicated servers you can handle transactions of bitcoins or run bitcoin miners. This is a way to enlarge your investment in the bitcoin market. You and other investors can mine bitcoins making your investment grow. A single bitcoin currently is worth around $9000 each so you can see how you would want to protect your investment.

Bitcoin server

So you need a dedicated server that is hosted by a company that is big on protection, with no downtime; or if something does make the servers go down they have a backup that has the servers they host up and running again in only a matter of minutes. You need to have complete control of your hosting server and your dedicated server needs to have the best in features and anything else you need.

This is only a little information on bitcoins, how they are used and bitcoin dedicated servers.