Is Hiring Dedicated Developers Affordable?


Hiring experienced dedicated developers isn’t always an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and a no-nonsense employment approach, and it requires you to make a choice! A choice between whether you need a local in-house expert or a remote team of experienced dedicated developers. Thanks to lower expenses, software licensing and round-the-clock support, many companies have become more open to hiring remote teams rather than employing in-house.

One of the biggest concerns business owners have when hiring dedicated teams is cost. This remains true for all entrepreneurs no matter if they would like to hire professional dedicated Magento developers or a mobile app developer. In this blog, you’ll learn more about the benefits of hiring dedicated professionals and the corresponding price for varying levels of developer experience.

What exactly is a dedicated team model?

A dedicated team model is a type of software outsourcing suited for large, long term projects with an ongoing workload. A dedicated team model brings together budget-friendliness, expertise, and commitment under one hiring plan. Fundamentally, it means having a do-it-all team of experts working exclusively for your business to complete your project and provide continued maintenance. This sort of model is a great option for entrepreneurs who know in advance how long the project will take and the amount of development expertise they need: developers, project management, testers etc.

Why are dedicated teams a good solution?

Dedicated team members are perfect for large, complex, long-term projects where you can’t risk having to change your team mid-project. Such projects require an enhanced level of technical expertise at fixed intervals that only a dedicated team can provide consistently. Furthermore, if your business model has any upcoming expansions or migration plans, you may need to involve multiple technologies, frameworks or third-party services—this can come with a certain level of unpredictability and risk. It’s only through an exclusive set of developers that your project will be quality assured and kept safe.

·         Cost-Effectiveness

What makes hiring a remote team cost-efficient is the fact that offshore expertise is simply cheaper. Take India for example, who have the highest population of qualified tech professionals yet their hiring costs are tiny in comparison to developers in the US or UK. The second reason offshore development companies are cost-effective is because they offer hiring packages, which allow you to hire more development expertise for a fixed monthly amount, which is a lot more affordable than hiring the same amount of expertise individually.

·        Flexibility

A dedicated team can help startups, small to medium size businesses and large enterprises. The team’s focus on client communication, efficiency and task priority makes your project agile. In case of any needed amendments or directional changes, development teams can quickly adapt. There’s always transparency, motivation and expert advice at hand.

·        Absolute Control

You have control over your hired team members based on your project requirements and can change the required expertise to meet new requirements. You have the freedom to add more members to the team to accelerate the project development as required. Such teams are called ‘dedicated’ because they work entirely on your specific project—there will be no distractions from other projects getting in their way.

·        Skills

Lastly, you can handpick developers with the right skills for your project. Larger development teams have a range of specialists even for even the most niche technical needs. When looking for certain skills in certain platforms, languages or frameworks it’s important you ensure they’re what you’re looking for during the interview and consulting process.

Best Countries for Hiring Dedicated Software Developers

The country you choose to hire from influences hiring cost and the mutual uptime within different time zones. Communication is a huge part of a project and you need to find both a window that suits both parties. Ask yourself whether you’re willing to communicate outside of your normal working hours. Average salaries for different countries and developer expertise are listed below:


Pros and Cons of Hiring Dedicated Developers

As a business owner you need to learn more about the experience of your hired team and their company. What projects have they built? How complex were these projects and, will they be able to handle yours?

You need to interview the developers properly with a two-step method that helps you best gauge their previous work. Firstly you must ensure that a reliable communication process can be established—frequent interactions are an integral part of the development process! Furthermore, you need to communicate with the development team and ensure that language barriers won’t be an issue and that they have adequate hardware.

Pros vs Cons of Hiring a Dedicated Team of Developers:


  • Predictable and flexible budget
  • Fast reactions to project changes
  • Complete team control and management
  • Complete dedication from all members working on your project
  • Visibility of project and task progression


  • Doesn’t always represent value-for-money for smaller projects
  • The possibility of changing requirements and goals during the development process could mean more working hours are needed and you may end up exceeding your budget.

Having a dedicated team of developers doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed success, but it’s still a very attractive option—it’s a rare mix of effective and affordable.

Where you can find Dedicated developers

Now that you have weighed up the options of a dedicated team of developers, you now need to understand the most popular and reliable ways of finding skillful online developers. Here are some of your options:

Offshore Software Development Companies

Even though you may not know which country will be your best place to find your businesses salvation, you can always look at what existing offshore software development companies in the market are already offering. Here are some third-party resources that provide honest client reviews concerning top  development companies:

These are trustworthy resources you can see to learn about a range of development companies. That said, here are some of the final checks that you should perform before actually settling on an option:

Do a thorough Background check

Try to gather as much data as you can about the company and its team. Analyzing their current work portfolio is a good place to start. Also, if the company’s name appears on the first page or so of Google results, it means that they’re serious when it comes to SEO and could get you on the front page too.

Take a look at their official website
First impressions matter, and if a company’s website doesn’t wow you then they’re probably not the right pick to develop your own website.

Number of employees
A good offshore software development company should have not less than 30 team members—this enables them to work round the clock, and have redundancies in place if something goes wrong.

Checking previous reviews (on and off-site)
Look for reviews from previous customers’ testimonials on Clutch or GoodFirms and the company’s official website. Reviews on their own site are good, but reviews elsewhere are better: it’s harder for them to fake. You ideally want a high quantity of positive reviews, but also a high quality of positive reviews from a wide range of sources.

Freelance Developers and their services

Generally, developers have their own profiles on several websites that can help you learn more about them. Some of the most popular websites to find freelance developers are:

  • Toptal
  • Stack Overflow
  • UpWork
  • io
  • Codementor
  • Gigster

Such websites also allow you to filter your search for developers by their rating, experience, locations, etc. If you find developers appropriate for your project, you can easily contact them; if you can’t find developers, it’s easy to post a job ad and have them come to you.

Our Recommendations

Summing up, we can say that it’s a lot more worthwhile to only hire from companies that are reputable and have a proven history of quality work. Such companies will always be cost-effective in the long run! Developers also need to be fluent in English so you can communicate your project vision and requirements easily.

Here are our recommendations:

1. CodeClouds

This company is a popular choice for when in need of experienced development services. They provide employees with mandatory English courses, and provide clients with dedicated project managers. They’ve built a reputation for effective and personalized solutions that stick to client deadlines—all within budget-friendly pricing packages and 18/5 full real-person support.

 2. State Creative

With more than 200 clients across the world who they’ve served personalized eCommerce solutions, this organization is known for its experienced team of offshore developers and cost-effective services.

Good luck in your search! Finding the right developer isn’t always easy, but it can really pay dividends. If you need to know more about hiring a remote development team and getting the most out of them, I’d recommend you read this piece on remote development team building.