The Cloud Versus Dedicated Hosting


Cloud and hosting services provide you with the resources you need to handle IT applications and programs. Whether you need to manage a centralized customer database or you are interested in utilizing the cloud for scaling growth, start with a cloud migration strategy. At Protera Technologies, we specialize in cloud and dedicated hosting. Find out which of these strategies is best suited for your business and IT needs.

All About the Cloud

A cloud migration strategy involves cloud storage systems. Choose the right system for your company based on your data storage and computation needs. The main types of cloud systems that are available include private and public cloud systems.

In a private cloud you benefit from a private cloud that is dedicated solely to your company’s data needs. A private cloud offers your company the customization you demand. Whether you need to increase the robustness or data security of your current storage system, a private cloud is on the same lines as a dedicated hosting service.

A public cloud typically involves pre-designed applications and services to meet your data storage and transfer goals. A public cloud saves your business money thanks to IT infrastructure and support already established for you.

Understanding Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting uses a managed hosting service or a dedicated server. You access a server that is not shared with another customer. This level of server is typically reserved for operations that involve redundant power sources, such as a medical center, or a security system as with a maximum-security prison. If you need a highly secure and dependable server, the dedicated hosting service offers the greatest control.

When you choose a cloud migration strategy that includes a dedicated server, you are capable of formatting software and hardware to your specifications. This is perfect for companies working on scalability as you are able to grow the server with your company. At Protera, our dedicated hosting services provide you with total service—speed, economy, reliability, visibility, integrity, control, and end-to-end customer service.

Let us assist you with selecting the right dedicated hosting service as part of your cloud migration strategy. We combine dedicated hosting with cloud migration services to transfer 100 percent of your data efficiently and with total success. Start here with our self-service FlexBridge assessment to determine how you can best

Choose a Cloud Migration Strategy Today

When you work with Protera Technologies, Inc. we will work with your team company to find the most applicable cloud migration strategy. Save yourself the trouble by starting out on the right side of the cloud. Contact Protera today to request information about our hosting and cloud services including SAP managed and migration services.