Laptop Reviews: Asus A52F-X3 15.6-Inch Laptop


The Asus A52F-X3 is most likely the Asus laptop mixers are outfitted for versatile performance without growing the cost. If you’re winning contests, doing work, watching movies or browsing, you’ll without a doubt be satisfied taking into consideration the selection of money that you simply compensated with this. Surprisingly, your buck is just between $539 and $616! By using this affordable cost, you may get a excellent 15.6 inch laptop that’s added to Intel® Core™ processor family which may be Apple ® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5 or Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core. For a lot less expensive and multitasking laptop performance, possess the Intel® Core™ i5.

The Asus A52F-X3, as with other latest laptops, is outfitted with Genuine Home home home windows 7 the newest Home home home windows OS in the marketplace. On top of this, 2 slots of SDRAM memory can be found which may be expanded around 8GB. Meanwhile, hard disk rotation reaches 5400rpm along with the sizes change from 250GB around 640GB which clearly is ample to keep all of your personal stuffs for example movies photos.

Furthermore for the strong micro-processor and big memory and difficult disk, you can opt to get a Blu-ray DVD Combo for your Asus A52F-X3 if you love watching Blu-ray Disc movies. But, if you would like the traditional DVD drive, the choice can also be still available. On top of this, the Asus A52F includes other “must-have” features to stay competitive for example 4 in 1 card readers, web camera and integrated modem. The input/output ports include microphone, headphone, VGA port, USB ports, LAN jack and HDMI port too. So, you can turn your laptop into personal media center you could stream any SD/HD movies for that Hd Tv using the HDMI cable.

Within negligence audio and video, the performance can also be excellent for the investment value. The display is HD display type with support resolution around 1366×768 with Introduced back-lit. Meanwhile, the appear method is outfitted with SRS Premium Appear technology via AltecLansing loudspeakers who advertise to get a top quality surround appear when you are watching movies.

Several user-friendly technology is also embedded towards the Asus A52F-X3 for example Power4 Gear technology which involves a self-modifying fan which lets you conserve battery power and concurrently, your laptop are able to do silently. For typing precision, Palm Proof Technologies are very helpful since it prevents some control cursor from accidentally moving while typing. So, in simple words, things let me tell about Asus A52F-X3 is the fact provides you with less pricey and gratification in the cheaper cost.