Essential Elements of a Gaming PC


Pc gaming is emerging and thriving year by year and there is no such burden to play all these games rather than playing consoles. Playing a game needs some files, patches, as well as components that are needed to make the gaming lenient and good too. When we consider the advantages of playing games on these two alternatives, then the best thing is the price that keeps thePC gaming set up Malaysia on top of it.

Here, we have some components that you need to keep while start playing such games such as CPU, memory, hard drive, and so on. Now, discuss all of them in detail below and let us know the choices once.


We know processors are required in PCs to perform better but it is good to discuss them. The processors belong to Intel and AMD are amazing that cross another level. Two extremely fast processors include AMD AM4 Ryzen 7 and Intel i7 are awesomely fast and make an incredible difference that you would not believe at all. There is no need to get some latest kit as the Pc gaming can play in a low spec processor too.


If the RAM is more, it would be far better and it is usually advisable that you need to get at least 8GB installed on the PC. But the 16 GB memory is the minimum one which would be good for the future of the PC while increasing an amazing performance.

Hard drive or SSD

Good-sized hardware is vital to store all the library of the game. 1TB would be the best pick up for some players but if you can pick up for 2TB, then it would be too beneficial in terms of the performance. You ought to consider a Solid-state drive and run an HDD or SSD blend, until and unless you have deep pockets. Integrate SSD into the gaming rig and you will surely see the advantages of opting for it.

Graphics card

Graphics are now standing at an outstanding price in the field of gaming. They look fantastic on a console but they escalate to another level in the case of PC. There is no comparison at all. If you want to get the best graphics kit, then you can go with a new range of AMD such as Radeon RX cards as well as NVIDIA’s 10 Series. It will blow up your mind at once.

Completing the rig

If you want to set up some new dream rig from the very beginning, then you will require something extra.


The best one is mechanical but not all are good as the variety is huge so it takes time to choose the compatible one. Get a guide about mechanical keyboards and go with them as it is more powerful as well as helpful.


Mouse makes a huge difference in the performance. You need to choose the one that has a high response rate, accuracy available at pinpoint and DPI is adjustable too.