Learn How to Ungoogle Yourself in 2020


We all know Google’s search engine is a powerful tool that we all use to learn and discover new information. But what if I were to tell you that it knows much more than what you would want it to? 

Let me demonstrate, take a moment to look up your personal information such as your email address or phone number in the search bar and see what comes up in Google’s search results.

Shocking right!? You may have discovered that details about your personal life, public record, social networks, and other associated personal data are readily available online for anyone to see.

In this day and age, we see everything from mugshots, home addresses, and damaged online reputations where the individual had no idea. 

So, again, what does Google say about you? If you have been arrested in the past, learn how to find mugshots online here.

How and Why?

You may be asking how did your information get on these websites? Well, a lot of the blame comes from people not being cautious and ultimately revealing their own information as they sign up for online services.

That information is then recorded and constantly being traded, bought, and sold to hundreds of companies. They are collecting as much information about you as possible in order to build an accurate audience profile. 

Businesses not only want to know your basic information but even the tiniest online habits. This helps them know exactly who you are and how to target you for their business campaigns. 

Remove Yourself From the Internet

Removing your personal information can be stressful, but it’s like dealing with a wildfire. If you don’t deal with it now, the longer you wait the more damage it can cause. 

If you are concerned about how companies are using your information, here are some ways you can take to regain control. 

Delete Or Deactivate Your Accounts 

Identify each website service that has your information and locate the page to delete your account.  Depending on the website, you may find this under a “security & privacy” tab within your account settings.

If you are having a difficult time deactivating your account, go ahead and use fake account information. 

Do not worry, having fake accounts is not illegal and can only be charged if used for nefarious intent. Lastly, never touch that account again!

Reach Out

Individually contact each website’s appropriate representative that can help process your content removal request. 

Keep in mind that every process is different and the time it takes to complete it may vary from person to person. Yes, this can be very frustrating and time-consuming but it is possible.

To further touch upon removing negativity such as arrest records or criminal mugshots online, learn more about when does your mugshots appear online and how you can remove them quickly.

Maximize Privacy Settings

Most sites offer their users the option to set their privacy settings according to their preferences. If you use a website regularly but want to keep your personal information to yourself. 

You can configure your privacy settings and limit the amount of information an outsider has access to.

Content Removal Service

Work with a reputable online reputation company that has years of experience handling negative content and personal information. 

Leave the heavy work to a company that has the resources to secure your information efficiently and quickly. 

They will provide you with a team of experts that know how to remove yourself from the internet before it is found in the wrong hands.

About EraseMugshot.com

We are dedicated to solving your leaked online issues on the first attempt. We offer a 100% guarantee, meaning you are entailed to your money back if we fail your requests. 

We believe that your information is no one else’s business but for your eyes and ears only.