Best 3 Ways To Convert JPG To PNG


You can save your images in different formats, either in JPG or PNG. JPG is the most common format for saving images but an image with this format degrades slightly with every save! However, if you save an image in PNG format you do not have to worry about this loss. The quality will remain unchanged for as many saves you want. It is not that tough to do that. 

In this article let’s find out how to convert jpg to png. Here are the 3 best ways for doing so. 


  • Use an online converter


When it comes to convert jpg to png using is a great option. It provides you a simple way to convert your JPG images to PNG images. Here is how you can

Step 1. Open the jpg to png converter.

Visit in your web browser for converting an image. It allows you to convert two files from jpg to png at a time. 

Step 2. Click on ‘Choose File’

In the middle of the screen you will “choose File.” 

Once you click on it the File explorer on your Windows or Finder in Mac will open. 

Step 3. Choose the image you want to convert.

You need to go to the location in your system to find out the image that you want to convert. You can convert more than one image at a time. 

Step 4. Open the file

After you have chosen the image you want to convert simply click on “open.” That will upload the image in the web browser. 

Step 5. Choose PNG as format

In  order to convert the Jpg image to PNG you need to choose the right format. There are choices available there. 

Now click on “Convert all to” which will open up the choices available. Choose PNG as your desired format. 

Step 6. Click on Convert

Once you have chosen click on “convert” and the image(s) will convert to PNG. 

It will be saved and you can download it from the list provided at the end of the page. If you wish you can also save the images in a ZIP folder. 


  • From Windows program


If you are a Windows user you can also convert a JPG file to PNG file using MS paint. Yes, MS paint will allow you to convert your desired images to PNG format. You can simply try it and its for sure that you will find it simple and easy to do.  

Step 1. Go to Paint 3D

If you have Windows operating system you can click on the program MS Paint or Paint 3D, whichever program is there in your system. 

You can also search the program by writing ‘paint’ on the search bar. 

Step 2. Open the desired file

Once the program open you have to click on File which will ask to to do any action. 

Click on “open.” This will open the file explorer. 

Step 3. Choose the image you want to convert

From the file explorer go to the location where you have saved the JPG image that you want to convert. 

Click on the image and then again click on ‘open’ for opening the file. The image will open in Paint. 

Step 4. 

Again click on File and then click on ‘Save as’

You will find a menu stating the different formats in which you can save the file.

Choose PNG format and click on the ‘save as’ button. Before saving you have to type the name of the file and choose the location where you want to save. 


  • Using Photoshop


There are different ways by which you can save a file from jpg to png and Photoshop is one of them. If you have Photoshop installed at your desktop or laptop you can easily convert jpg to png

Step 1. Start Photoshop

Click on the icon of Photoshop to open it. 

Step 2. Open your target image

By browsing your file directory you will be able to open up the target image that you want to convert. 

Step 3. Save it in PNG

Go to file again and then click on ‘Save as.’

By this the Save as dialogue box will appear. You can rename the image if required or leave it in the same name. 

Now in the file format go and click. A list will appear will different formats available. Choose PNG format. Then click on Save. 

Once done you have successfully converted the JPG image to PNG image and save it. 

When you use these methods you have to do each image individually. You cannot complete converting more than one in one chance. If you want to do that you can try it online and there you will get for converting the images fast.