Learn More About Types Of Microphones And What Are The Best Microphone for ASMR


If you are searching for a microphone for recording vocals, not just any microphone will do the job, it is very necessary to find the perfect mic which will do the job and is designed to record vocals. You will need to research to find the best mic for recording vocals under your budget and it also should be apt according to your preferences in regards to audio recording quality, the feel and the energy. And with this article, first, you will get help regarding what you want and you will know more about what type of mic you should choose according to your requirements.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Microphones based on Their Purpose

Regardless of the budget, you should first learn about what types of mics for recording vocals are available in the market which serves different special purposes and are used for recording different kinds of vocals in different fields. There are different kinds of microphones available in the market such as Best Microphone for asmr, or for recording other different kinds of vocals.

Types Of Microphones Available In The Market

Some of the types of microphones for recording vocals are:

  • Condenser Microphones: Condenser mics are the best microphones that are dedicated to the purpose of recording vocals for the song or this is the Best Microphone for asmr. These mics are considered the best microphones if you want to record clearer vocals, which are mostly used by professional singers in studios. These mics record precise details in the vocals so that the output can sound professionally recorded, this is possible because of their internal builds, which are designed in such a way to record optimal levels of detailing in the sound for a song. The condenser mics have polar patterns which are for the noise isolation, it cuts off the excess noises around and records the main vocals of the song with great sensitivity and detail.
  • Tube Microphones: Tube mics are a type of condenser mics that were conventionally used although these are also Best Microphone for asmr. These mics were used before the modern and advanced condenser mics became popular. These mics are still used, to give the vocals a feel of older times, and make the audio sound old, and so that the sound non-digital and non-mastered. The sound output from tube mics is very different and conventional, and in case you want such audio then you can choose tube mics instead of condenser ones.
  • USB Microphones: USB mics are basic kinds of mics that are very easy to use and are the purpose of recording basic vocals. Which means if you are a basic vocalist and you are searching for a mic for testing purpose and not for recording audio for professional purposes then you can opt USB mics. 


If you seek to buy good a mic for recording vocals you can choose between these types of mics according to your requirement.