Ad Network Platform


Ad network platform has opened new horizons for monetizing online traffic. Acting as an intermediary between the digital publishers and the advertisers, effective Ad Platforms are the call of time. These platforms focus on offering tools to businesses to purchase advertising that is delivered on websites and mobile apps.

How does Ad Networking work?

Ad Networks aim to pool ad inventories from supply sources and later make them available to the demand sources. Herein, supply sources constitute websites and apps from publishers, web and app developers. On the other hand, demand sources are the advertisers looking to place their ads in other websites or apps.

The ad server of the Ad Network Platform delivers the ad to the publisher’s site via code. With the help of tracking pixel, the ad network can track the performance of the ad. The ad server powers ad targeting, tracking, and reporting on the campaign.

Today, the best ad networks supervise and direct campaigns on behalf of agencies and advertisers. They execute targeting, optimization, and reporting the campaign based on audience targets, impressions, and the average cost per impression (CPM).

Importance of Ad Networking Platforms

With the increased digitalization, ad networks have become an essential monetization element. Acting as a technical and commercial intermediary between advertisers and publishers, they have become an inevitable part. Technically, when the supply-side offers its inventory and the demand-side activates and monitors campaigns, it is the Ad Network that provides integrations. Likewise, commercially, Ad networks aid in payments and transactions.

If there is no ad network platform to pull demand, publishers would have to negotiate deals with each advertiser.

How to choose an Ad Network Platform

There are two deciding factors while choosing the best ad network platform- how well it manages the ads and how much it costs. In general, the ad network able to generate a higher return on investment (ROI) is considered the best for the publisher. Such a platform enhances the sales of the publisher by selling ad spaces and making huge profits. Moreover, it caters to the technology that has a user-friendly interface for both advertisers and publishers.

The publishers get a hands-off approach to selling and managing display advertising when the platforms have ad management panels and self-serve tools. However, it has certain downsides too. For instance, in the absence of interaction, the advertisers are not able to grab all the opportunities the publication offers. At the same time, upselling and cross-selling opportunities also decrease without sales reps involvement from Publishers. Therefore, while considering an Ad Network Platform, one need to keep all this in mind.

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