Learn New Things: What Is Automotive Telematics?


IoT companies in Singapore have been developing improvements in automotive telematics technology for years, so it is becoming more affordable and beneficial for everyone, especially for startups and large enterprises that use fleets in their operations.

If you are not familiar with automotive telematics technology in Singapore, reading this article would help you understand.

What Is Automotive Telematics Technology?

It is a wireless device used for safety communication to enhance road, car, and driver safety. The automotive telematics technology works by providing invaluable insight to the fleet operations (mostly business owners or logistics managers) about the vehicle use and the drivers’ driving.

Telematics vs GPS

Most companies that have fleets install this with a built-in car GPS tracker receiving system in Singapore. It is a black box hidden under the dashboard. Combining the two helps gather data that allows the fleet operators to know where it is and how the driver is driving the vehicle.

Below are the advantages of a car GPS tracker and automotive telematics technology that can enhance business operations.

1. Implement Safe Driving Behaviour

With the help of automotive telematics technology in Singapore, you will know which one is overspeeding during delivery. When the device detects that the vehicle is moving too quickly, it sends alerts to the fleet operators.

2. Prevents Vehicle Breakdown

Another thing automotive telematics technology can do is remove the guesswork. It will also inform fleet operators about which parts need replacement.

3. Offers Shortest Possible Route

Instead of getting stuck in a traffic jam, this device, along with a car GPS tracker, will suggest the shortest route so the driver can arrive on time.

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