Top 6 Important Personality Traits of a Hacker


Here are the 6 most important personality traits of a successful ethical hacker. This will help you understand what it takes to be a good ethical hacker.

Technical Aptitude:

It is very essential and important to have a technical aptitude. You may quickly learn scripts without knowing the details of how it works actually, but to excel in the hacking techniques you should understand the basic principles. You should know how to create a new tool and alter an existing tool according to your need for a specific situation. The cases like exploit development, forensics and so, you should know the concepts of processor architecture, operating system, and compiler behavior. There are hacker documentaries online which my guide you in this direction. 


An ethical hacker needs this as a main personality trait. There are millions of cyber crimes and you should be able to think differently than the defenders to win them. Otherwise, you will not be able to do things required properly. You have to think creatively about that.

Persistence and Patience:

You will try many things that may end up a failure, you may spend hours and hours on something which you have no idea. Many times, you will be working on boring things like disassembly, programs, etc. Everything you do is for a single payment, sometimes it may not be there.


Following ethics is very important. I am saying this not because of that you should be ethical and moral to win your life. But only if you follow the ethics, you will avoid the imprisonment or from a major lawsuit. If you want to work for the government, then you should follow the ethics.

Unbalanced lifestyle:

You have to be ready, to come out of the comfort zone in your life. Many successful hackers give themselves fully into the working schedule that freaks out the normal person. An ideal ethical hacker would be working hard enough early in the morning or late nights like an owl. In spite of all this hard work, they love what they do like their work. 

Well Organized: 

Initially, you may think to keep your folders, files, projects and other things stored in temporary folders, hard disks or OS. But it slowly it will become a huge problem which you will find very difficult to handle. The successful hackers always learn how to be organized and do multitask. You will find that they are well organized and keep a task manager to prioritize their work.