Legal-Tech from Austria


“Advolist” is an Austrian-Startup (Vienna) in the niche of Legal-Tech. It was founded in the beginning of 2020. Advolist provides people with legal problems can find a lawyer who meets their requirements perfectly.

Now Advolist launched its new tool – The “imprint-generator” (Deutsch: Impressum Generator). In Austria nearly every website has to have an imprint. The data, which has to be provided, is different by every and depends by legal-nature of the company. 

The “imprint-generator” Advolist created helps people to generate a valid imprint. There is also a similar Tool for disclaimers (Haftungsausschluss Generator). 

The generated imprint or disclaimer can be used in Blogs, Websites or also on Social-Media pages. According to Austrian law many social-media pages do have the obligation to have an imprint as well.

The tools are free to use and provided for the Austrian area. According to Advolist those tools are not able to replace a lawyer or a professional consultation, and you should only use these tools if you have these requirements. 

What are the next steps? 

Advolist is going to release a few other tools in the legal-niche and provide these features for free. For further information visit Advolist and do not hesitate to try their new awesome tools!