Microsoft Power BI Training for Beginners


Power BI is a data analysis tool developed by Microsoft that was launched in 2015. Headlined a self-service cloud-based tool, it boasts a “natural language” interface and its preview version is free.

Built with those already familiar with Microsoft Excel in mind, Power BI is exceptionally easy to use, particularly for those who use the content in an interactive way. If you are already a competent user of Excel, chances are you will be able to learn and use the Microsoft Power BI tools very quickly, and soon manage to switch from Excel to Power BI to drastically improve your analytical reports. But that’s only the beginning because Power BI has lots more to offer than Excel. If you aren’t already working with Excel you’re going to have to start from scratch.

About Power BI Reports

Essentially a business intelligence product that enables you to combine software services and various apps so that you can collate unrelated data sources into an engrossing, interactive, visually impressive report, Power BI may be used on many different levels. For instance, a beginner can use it to create a quick insightful report drawing on a local database or even just an Excel spreadsheet. Someone with key training will be able to use the product with SQL, Excel and other apps for extensive modeling, and custom development, utilizing real-time analytics.

Whether you’re a veteran Excel user or a novice data analyst with no training in Excel or Power BI, quick, comprehensive Microsoft Power BI training for beginners will get you going fast.

Power BI Training for Beginners

When it comes to Power BI training UK style, the guys at Data Bear have lots to offer beginners. If you’re an Excel veteran, their courses and workshops will fill in the many gaps between the two products, and help you relate to different concepts.

Power BI training London and Power BI training Manchester offer organisations and individuals the opportunity to empower themselves via their data and produce insightful reports that will help make your business more profitable.

In courses that offer Microsoft Power BI training UK on a basic level, Data Bear gives hands-on training that will enable you to use the product, as well as create awareness of how very powerful the product is. For instance, while a newcomer to Power BI training might complete the first day of a beginners’ course able to extract data from Excel, the potential is that more than 40 databases and data sources may be used. But without basic Power BI training, the more sophisticated techniques and strategies will be much more of a challenge.

One perceived disadvantage of using Power BI is that support from Microsoft is not all-embracing. This is another good reason to consider Data Bear’s dedicated Microsoft Power BI training London or Power BI training Manchester. Your trainers are real people on the ground, and we’ll continue to help you as much as we can.

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