What Do You Need to Know about 9Apps?



In today’stime, the world is flooded with applications that are popping up every single day. One of the obvious choices that one goes for downloading these apps is Google play or for that matter even apple store, but a major drawback is that not all the apps that you are looking for are available on these platforms. When we talk of Google, the basic methodology before uploading these apps is passing them through several filters, and if and only if the apps pass these filters,they are uploaded else they are rejected. A lot of times some amazing apps are missed out because of these filters. In case one wants to enjoy an app that is not available on the play store a great option is 9apps.

Introduction to 9apps

This wonderful platform is a powerhouse which comes in a small size of just 3MB, ensuring that your system is not overloaded with data and its performance is not slowed down. 9apps offers a wide variety of applications that are carefully divided in categories and even sub categories for the convenience of its user. Expert recommendations are given all the time while one is browsing an application to let the user know that there are several others just like this one and yet different and worth a try. One of the best things that have been raved by the users is that it has a seamless and very user friendly interface.

Why choose 9apps

With more than almost 97 million users and still growing strong, 9apps is one of the most amazing android store which makes downloading extremely easy across all categories of applications. The aim of 9apps was basically reach out maximum number of applications via the android store, to its users for free. One tip that we can give you here that would save on your money is that one can easily download the 9apps from the website of 9apps rather than on the Google store, because it is free on the website and is chargeable on the Google play store. If we would have to find thebest option after the Google play store, it would be 9apps. Organising the apps as per the individuals choice is a great feature. All the apps and games that you ever wanted are just under one platform and so cleanly placed, with an ease of downloading that anyone would love to switch over to 9apps.

How could you use 9apps?

It’s an application store that could be downloaded easily on your android, windows or apple smart phones.All you have to do is search for it on your respective application store and download and install it and you are good to go and open to a world of several apps and games.

How is it different from the Google Play Store:

Apart from the main difference where 9apps allows you to download apps that are not even available on the Google play store, other significant differences are being free and in app or pay per app charges are applied, there are no modified apps in Google play store whereas 9apps has them, and one of the most important is 9apps requires very less memory space.