Moderand effective polarizing films are enough to raise snapping standards


Gone are the days, when TV was considered as the best mode of entertainment. LCD’s and LED’s are the future of entertainment. However, LCD’s are mostly preferred because they easily fit inside the budget. But people always wonder about the mechanism that makes these things effective. These are the polarizer film which actually provide better and advanced viewing experience.

What actually is a polarizer?

The polarizer film is a thin sheet that allows the light waves to travel through it and Polaroid blocks the other lights. These films are utilized in ample places and they are available in different varieties as well. Following are the places where these films are used.

  • Equipment industry
  • Research places
  • Optical Fraternity

The polarizer films that are used commercially are developed in different ranges. For example, glass and plastic and if there is demand then these films are made using crystals as well.

The most common and cheap range is plastic polarizer film. These are easily available on and they are mainly used in LCD’s.  The screens that you see on calculators, TV’s mainly (Liquid crystal display), 3D glasses for movies and polarized sunglasses are plastic films. Generally, these are good for eyes and they also keep ultra violet radiation away.

Linear films-

This is the most common and widely used and these films that are available on do not fade easily under normal light exposure. There are three layers in this film and they are:

  • Membrane for polarizing
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • Tri-acetate cellulose

Generally this is used with adhesives and it affordable as well.

Circular films-

Apart from linear polarized films there are circular films as well and they are also available on These designs Lamination is also possible on these films and they can be customized as well. Following are the points that can also be selected by the users.

  • Light spectrum that is visible
  • Transmission values and multiple colors
  • Thickness
  • Size and shape
  • Anti- glare and anti-reflective
  • Hard coating and clear coating

Reflective polarizer film-

Another segment in the polarized film is reflective polarizer film. These films are linear films but they have a silver reflective layer on the back. These sheets are generally adhered on the back where backlight is not present. The best part of this film is blockage because it blocks all the natural sunlight and other lights and the person can view the screen clearly.

There are different testing measures of these films and they are temperature test, heat test, cold test, moisture and light test. These are also easy to manage because they can be cut with scissors and with paper cutters as well.