Most Important Features Your WordPress Hosting Setup Must Have


Choosing WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for a website is a wise move to set up an effective online platform for business. The next smart step in the process is to select a suitable host. When it comes to the best hosting plan for a WordPress website, experts suggest WordPress hosting. They believe the host makes it a lot easier for a website owner to manage the site and add functionality to it. 

WordPress Hosting: About 

In the simplest form, it can be described as hosting that comes with pre-built features to get optimized with a WordPress website and improve its performance over the Internet when someone from the other part of the world tries to access it. WP hosting has lots of properties that fulfill the security needs of a website and automatically update the WP software whenever needed. 

One more feature that sets WordPress apart from other hosting types is its one-click WordPress installs. In the presence of the feature, a website owner doesn’t need to hire a team of experienced developers to install CMS on the server. 

Features Of WordPress Hosting

In addition to one-click WP installs, there are lots of other beneficial features of WP hosting that make it a better option for a WordPress website than other hosts in the market. Below are some of them:


  • Free CMS And Plugins 


One of the many benefits of WordPress as hosting is a free content management system. When a WP website owner chooses WordPress for hosting, the buyer doesn’t require to run a separate coding system on the server to set up CMS. In addition, the host comes with many free themes and plugins which can be used to improve the appearance of a website and add more functionality to it. 

For example, the best hosting service provider offers WordPress hosting as a plan with lots of free plugins. These plugins can be installed by clicking ‘install’ in the plugin section. The plugins can be used to add many exciting features to a website page, such as polls, quiz, video gallery, and others. 


  • Email Accounts


Whether it’s a small business website or a huge online store, its owner requires email accounts reflecting the domain name. The best hosting company offers the feature to create unlimited emails. These professional email accounts can be used by the website owner to impress its clients and win their trust. 


  • Unlimited Disk Space


Another feature of WP hosting is unlimited disk space, which is space on the server where all important things around a website are stored. When it is a business website, it is essential to have a server that has unlimited space to store many files and access them online from any part of the world. WordPress hosting from a reputed service provider comes with unlimited space to improve the performance of a website.


  • Security


In addition to basic security features and plugins to add functionality to a site, WordPress as hosting comes with many other properties to provide the platform with an extra layer of security. They include free SSL certificate, real-time malware injection scan, PHP vulnerability check, and other advanced security checks. All these things come together to make WP one the safest hosts to pick for a WordPress website. 


Website owners need to get a WP hosting plan from a reputed service provider who sets up WordPress for free and offers advanced security features. Also, the hosting company must offer unlimited WP databases and unmetered bandwidth. All these features must come at a cost-effective price. Choose the best WordPress hosting plan and let a website grow a business.