Most Important Ranking Factors To Know


There are 200 + SEO ranking factors that help search engines decide which sites should be shown and how they should perform in the search results. If you want your site to claim the top spots on SERPs (Results pages for the search engine), you need to refine your online presence to satisfy these criteria.

The word “Ranking Factors” defines the parameters that search engines use when analyzing web pages to determine the rankings for their search results. Ranking factors that relate to the content of a website, technological implementation, user signals, backlink profile or any other features deemed relevant by the search engine. Knowing ranking variables is a precondition for effective optimisation of the search engine.

The good news is that not all the variables on the 200 + list are comparable. Some variables on the list are more significant than others. When preparing your SEO strategy, pay special attention to these 12 factors which most impact rankings.

Search engine and algorithms for the Google rankings are constantly changing. Some factors become more or less significant, and add or eliminate some factors. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest ranking factors and use a daily SEO audit tool to review your site to ensure you follow the latest SEO best practices.

With as much work as we put into optimizing content for search engines, you’d assume that by now we’d know exactly what Google’s ranking algorithm takes into account while browsing web pages. But we don’t, and we can’t mostly because Google never mentioned any of the criteria that it takes into account when rating content publicly.

What Google has reported is that it uses about 200 ranking signals when assessing rankings for organic search results. There are domain-related factors, on-page factors, off-page factors, site-level factors and various technical SEO factors that contribute to where your website falls on the results pages of Google’s search engine (SERPs) for the different keywords specific to your industry.

  1. Website Architecture
  2. Domain Security
  3. Inbound Links
  4. Topic Authority
  5. Keyword Intent
  6. Content Structure
  7. Meta Tags
  8. Page Speed
  9. Backlinks
  10. Schema code
  11. Brand Power and Social Signals
  12. HTTPS
  13. User Experience

These 13 points are very important for SEO, and will have a major impact in 2020. Google’s recent updates pave the way for websites with quality content that provides real value to consumers. 

Google also gets a lot better measure of how users communicate with your content. Knowing these nine important criteria could make or break your strategy for Online Marketing.

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