Winter Driving –How To Stay Safe?


It is always said that safety is as simple as “ABC” i.e. always be careful. Especially, when it comes to winter rides, the car breakdowns can be frustrating. The chill outside the car can restrain you from getting out at fixing the problem. It is better to take precautionary measures to avoid such a situation especially when you are in snow cold area or planning to have a long distance drive. It is recommended to avoid such travels, unless it is important. If you cannot avoid the trip, you must keep a complete gear for winter travels. This gear should include extra food, water, clothing, medicine, a flashlight, and glass scraper etc.

Before leaving, you must check all the lights, tires, and have a minimum of half a fuel tank. Try not to warm up your vehicle in a closed environment e.g. garage. Never use cruise in hard weather conditions.

Driving in snow

When you are driving in snow, following precautions should be considered;

  • Always drive slow
  • Keep you brakes under your control
  • Increase the following distance for more than 5 seconds
  • If you are going on an elevation, don’t exert power of your automobile to cause your wheels to spin and also don’t stop to loose inertia

Common precautions for long distance travel

For a long distance travel you must;

  • Calibrate your driving skills in your neighborhood
  • Get your car checked at a workshop or mechanic near me
  • Keep an eye on weather
  • Keep your loved ones updated for your locations

If your car breaks down;

  • Don’t panic
  • Stay with your automobile
  • Keep yourself warm and hydrated
  • Stay visible
  • Try to conserve fuel
  • Keep your automobile exhaust clear
  • Try to contact workshop or mobile mechanic

What to do in case your car breaks down in winters

It is better to call a mobile mechanic instead of taking your automobile to the workshop. It can save your time, effort, and money. Let the professionals handle your situation. For a professional mobile mechanic you can look through our website and get a quote.