Mouse and Keyboard: How You Would Rightly Choose


Mouse and keyboards may seem indifferent when playing computer games, but they are not. A PC gamer needs all the details to be correct to make the most of the gaming experience. In TechCompact you can have the best details about the same and in depth.

How to choose a mouse


Responsible for mouse sensitivity, resolution is measured by DPI (Dots Per Inc). The higher its value, the more sensitive the mouse will be. But for gamers, the ideal is to have a peripheral that can have a DPI setting option, as each game needs a different sensitivity. A First Person Shooter (FPS) game, for example, needs a very high DPI as it requires high sensitivity to shoot opponents.

To get a sense of the DPI number, an average user only needs 400 or 600 DPI. Those who use the computer to work with images will need a minimum DPI of 800. Gamer Mouse can reach up to 3,000 DPI.

Funding Rate

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Also called response time, the pickup rate works directly with sensitivity. This is because it refers to the ability of the mouse to exchange information with the computer. That is, the higher the value, the faster your computer will respond to the given command.

Measured by Hertz (cycles per second), gamer Mouse typically have a pickup rate with settings ranging from 125, 250, 500, and 1,000 Hz. The player can change this value to suit their taste and need for each game.


The anatomy of the mouse will depend on the hands of the mouse. In the market, there are different sizes and types of peripherals. Just to give you an idea, there are three types of footprints: Palm Grip, Tip Grip and Claw Grip. The former is the most popular, leaving the entire palm over the mouse, and is usually the most comfortable.

However, the most suitable for those who will play is the Claw Grip. With it, the hand is more arcade and the fingers with less contact with the mouse, as if it were a claw. This peripheral brings more agility and precision to the control.

The Tip Grip option makes the mouse at your fingertips. They are lighter and more agile Mouse and therefore faster. However, accuracy is not so good as it is more difficult to control.


The layout and anatomy go hand in hand. This is because Mouse have different buttons that can interfere with the anatomy. For example, it is not possible to buy a very small mouse with different functions.

Weight can also differ in the gaming experience. Very heavy Mouse may impair movement, while too light may decrease stability. Because of this, many Mouse already have weights that can be placed or removed to be optimal for each player.

Response Time

As with Mouse, one of the most important things about gamer keyboards is response time. The big difference is that measurement has two different standards: reporting rates and response time. Both are measured in Hz, but reporting rates should be increasing and response times slower.