“MOWii- A trend-setting streaming app”


Gone are those days when people used to watch movies in multiplexes or spent hours sitting in  front of the TV to enjoy their favorite television shows. Rapid technology advancements have  given wonders to today’s generations. The biggest development is the movie streaming app  which has become a one-stop solution for entertainment.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming apps have become a perfect replacement and the  future of the cinema. Movie lovers are relying upon online platforms to watch new movies and  relieve the stress of lockdown. Streaming apps are posting record profitability levels due to  social distancing and increased “stay at home” leisure time. A trend-setting streaming app called  Stream MOWii is being launched by MOWii, LLC (pronounced like the Hawaiian island of Maui).  It was created by television and film producer Ray Rudy and film producer & colorist, Steve  Carson of Carson FilmWorks, LLC. Carson was a former bank mergers and acquisitions expert. 

The Stream MOWii app is the future of streaming apps as it provides independent filmmakers  two major benefits, exposure to audiences around the world and financial support. MOWii is a  streaming app that will contain thousands of movies by independent filmmakers and will give  their films a global reach to audiences worldwide and will help undiscovered writers, producers,  directors and talent to showcase their work via the Stream MOWii platform. 

The fans of indie films will contribute to building a strong community for independent filmmakers  by financially supporting the filmmakers via their monthly subscriptions. MOWii will generously  share 80% of the net subscription revenues with the filmmakers.

For the curious, MOWii derives its name from the entertainment industry term “MOW,” an  acronym for “Make Own Way.” When a film goes into production, its directors, producers, actors,  and crew members assemble “on location,” the site where a particular scene is being shot. The  production company does not always cover the costs for all cast and crew members; in those  cases, they are deemed to be MOW and must find their own way. MOWii was created by  independent filmmakers to help other independent filmmakers “Make their Own Way” in two  critical areas: distribution and monetization.  


The best characteristic of MOWii is its affordability. The app has all the features of famous  streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Disney, and Netflix with a nominal fee of $2.99 per month or  you can save even more with an annual subscription of $29.88. Indie film fans can have a free  trial of 14 days to find out whether the app is worth your money. 


MOWii enables you to stream the movies on four devices at a time. For just $2.99 per month,  this package is incomparable.  

Core Values 

MOWii is guided by three Core Values: Collaboration, Respect and Sharing of success. By  being collaborative they want to work closely with creative people from around the world. By  respect, MOWii understands and knows first-hand the challenges independent filmmakers must  overcome in making these films. The third core value refers to sharing the success, by giving  80% of the net subscription revenue to independent filmmakers.


The film library of MOWii will have a diverse collection of movies. The movies from independent  filmmakers from around the world will belong to every genre such as Comedy, Horror, Drama,  Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action/Adventure, Documentaries, Suspense, Art House/ Foreign  Movies, etc. 

Compatibility and Access 

MOWii can be accessed from a broad range of available devices. No matter which device you  are using, MOWii’s interface is user-friendly and thus very easy to use. The streaming app is  compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Game Consoles, Xbox 360, Xbox  One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Mobile and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones,  Android Tablet, Windows Tablet (Web Version), Streaming Media Players, Roku, Apple TV,  Google Chromecast, and Amazon FireTV. 

Launch Date & Future  

MOWii is a U.S. based streaming app which will be accessed on over 15 different devices that  are available initially in the United States and subsequently in Canada, Mexico, and 27 other  countries across Europe. The Asian, Australian and Pacific Island regions will follow thereafter.  The soft launch date of the streaming app is February 1, 2021 with an official launch later on  May 1st.  

Global Indie Film Community

MOWii seeks to develop a global community for independent filmmakers to showcase their  talent and get their films into living rooms around the world. This is now possible with the  amazing developments in technology for home theaters, mobile devices, video compression  and internet streaming. These filmmakers are extremely talented and just need a little help in  being discovered. History is filled with film-makers who started their career with Indie Films and  later made cinematic history. Examples include: Noam Murro (300: Rise of an Empire), Neil  Burger (Divergent), Darren Aronofsky (Noah), Wally Pfister (Transcendence), Marc Webb (The  Amazing Spider-Man 2), Bryan Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and many others. 

Everyone can use a little help and Stream MOWii is poised to provide a platform to do just that.  Whether it is a way to showcase a great movie, discover new directors and talent, or just to add  a little monthly financial support, MOWii has the bases covered. 

So check out Stream MOWii, you may just be watching future award winning movies from the  dawn of the year 2021.