NetbaseQuid, Social Listening and Enhanced Customer Service


Social Listening and Enhanced Customer Service for Your Modern Business

Customer service is and has long been a big deal in the business world. If your company lacks rock-solid customer service, then odds are high that it may fail. Five-star service can lead to satisfaction, repeat customers, significant profits and a host of other advantages. If you want to enhance your business’ customer service approach, there are all sorts of digital marketing devices and strategies these days that can help you do so. You can even try your hand at social listening. Social listening, true to its name, is all about social media. It utilizes social networks including Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

This social  listening is a pretty simple concept to comprehend. It entails the close supervision of digital discussions in order to grasp the comments customers make about a business and its offerings on the Internet. Professionals who work in digital marketing often have a lot of familiarity with social listening and its ins and outs.

How can this form of listening assist businesses that are trying to strengthen their customer service styles? Social listening can help businesses recognize issues that customers have with their existing products or services. If a business doesn’t know about a problem in the first place, then it cannot make the steps required to fix it. That’s where social media listening comes in handy.

Businesses can “listen” to customers who post comments and posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If a coffeeshop customer has a Twitter account, she may use it to complain about long waiting times. She may use it to complain about caffeinated beverages that have lukewarm temperatures or lack of coffee flavoring as well. Business representatives can assess the feedback they receive through in-depth listening sessions. Once they make their assessments, they can figure out how to proceed.

Utilizing social listening to better customer service doesn’t have to be a difficult thing at all. Businesses can kick things off by determining the specific social networks that hold the most interest to them. They can pick anything from YouTube to LinkedIn and beyond. Once they make this decision, they can move forward by selecting the specific social media listening devices that appeal to them. They can turn to widely known devices such as Hootsuite and Google Alerts. There are many others beyond those, too.

Businesses naturally want to stay in the loop with all social media commentary. That’s why they often register for notifications and alerts that pop up as soon as they’re accessible. If a dining establishment owner wants to read reviews as soon as they’re posted, these alerts can be a big asset.

This listening can help businesses answer questions that customers pose to them online. It can help businesses take care of pressing issues that customers have with their services or products. It can even help businesses discover commentary that’s flattering.

It’s crucial for businesses to concentrate on this kind of listening on a consistent basis. That’s due to the reality that comments on the Internet can change in the blink of an eye. Staying on top of social media discussions can help businesses nip all kinds of customer service difficulties in the bud.

Netbase Solutions, Inc. is a market research firm that’s located in Mountain View, California. Quid is a software firm that runs out of San Francisco. They’re both widely known entities in the vast analytics realm. Businesses that want to strengthen their customer service styles with the cooperation of social media listening devices regularly turn to the wizards at Netbase Quid.