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Have you ever had trouble hitting the right swing while golfing? Can’t calculate how far would you need to swing? This is where Golf GPS comes in handy with SwingbySwing’s innovative application.

Golf Gps: never miss a swing again designed a program that allows for golfers to be able to track their statistics, location, scorecard all in one. It is essentially a navigation system or a Golf GPS.

The Golf GPS aspect of SwingbySwing works by tracking the distance required by a swing or a put in order to achieve maximum momentum or to basically land the shot.

On the application, the Golf GPS will portray an aerial landscape image of the golf course with your current putting position and the average distances around you and to the whole.

Golf GPS uses colored lines to differentiate between different distances on the course. Each color acts as a guide for a golfer to decide whether they would want to hit a tee short or take it easy and use a layout shot.

Golfers may use the Golf GPS feature to calculate their yardage, and utilize this feature to better practice their swings.  Golfers can get access to these free features simply by downloading the SwingbySwing application on their smartphones. The application also syncs up with smartwatches, making it much easier for golfers to use Golf GPS to track their distance without having to take out their phones.

SwingU Golf GPS App

Be ahead of the game with all of Golf Gps features on SwingbySwing

The most prominent feature created by SwingbySwing is the feature of Golf GPS. It is the most essential feature available to all golfers free of cost. But did you know that aside from just calculating distances, the Golf GPS can also be used with a range of other features?

Using the smartphone application, the Golf GPS system can track the overall wind speed and elevation data.

The Golf GPS can also track shots taken and offer recommendations of clubs to use for better shots.

Using distance, shot tracking, wind speed and elevation data, the Golf GPS then utilizes all this information and provides golfers with constant statistic updates and scorecards.


For $4.17 a month, download the SwingbySwing application today by visiting Keep track of all your Golf GPS statistics all in one go, and easily sync them with your wearable smart devices.