Ways to play AVI files on Quicktime in Mac


If you have been using a PC for the longest time, getting used to a Mac can be a hassle, especially because their hardware and software are a lot different. Several file formats work files on PCs but might not be playable on Mac. One such example is the AVI type of files. If you have been using PCs for a long time, you will find it constraining using a Mac because of the restrictions on the playable file types.

That aside, just because you have an AVI file doesn’t mean that you can’t play it. It is quite the contrary. With just a few tweaks, it becomes a lot easier for you to open AVI on Mac. But, there are two methods that we are going to share with you. Both of them come with their fair share of ease of use.

If you are looking for ways to play the AVI file on Mac, remember that there are a few ways in which you can do the same. You must follow the steps as mentioned for a smooth ride.

How to play AVI format on Mac?

To be fair, we wanted to offer two options for two different types of readers that come along. One for those who are willing to work it out a bit and the other one for those who are lazy and want things the easy way.

Both the methods work, so you can choose one based on your requirements.

Method 1 – Conversion of the AVI file

The first method is the conversion method wherein you don’t have to install several codec packages and get the process sorted for yourself in no time at all.

Converting the AVI file into a format that is playable on Quicktime in Mac is an amazing way to watch them without any hassle at all. There are several converters that you can use but the one that we would suggest is the Video Converter for Mac.

Use the desktop version of the same for faster and easier results.

Once you open the main homepage of the convertor, all that you have to do is upload the AVI file that you need to convert. From there, select the format that you want the file to be converted to. It could be anything from the dropdown. Every format will be playable on Mac.

Click on the Convert option from there and you are all set with it. It is an extremely hassle-free process and the software does most of the work for you.

Method 2 – Make use of Elmedia player

For the lazy geeks out there who don’t want to do this process every time that they have to watch an AVI file on Mac, using something like the Elmedia player sorts you out with that. It is a very easy process and takes 2 minutes to install.

Once you have it installed, it plays the AVI files on your Mac directly without any hassle at all.

Much like how you use iTunes, this also works in a similar format and plays a variety of file formats that are otherwise not playable on Mac. This is the better option we would suggest, especially if you frequently encounter AVI file types.


If you have been facing a hard time converting the AVI files to watch them on Quicktime in Mac, we hope these methods come in handy for you. Make sure that you choose the method that works best for you and will help you out. There are several other methods too but these are the ones that even a beginner can do.