Open Camera app for Android


Many Android phones comes with basic Camera application.  Many thinks that they can’t change default camera application with better camera application. Yes, you can. Android does not lock you to have stock camera app only. There are many great camera apps available on play store. No need to search internet and follow those hard procedures to install those unsafe camera apps on your device.

Open Camera is one of the best Android camera application that push updates to make sure it delivers great services to users. There are many popular camera apps that rarely push updates. Those apps will not work smoothly after installing Android updates. So, make sure to use only apps that push updates to provide better user experience like Open camera.

Please note that, unlike iOS devices, there are uncountable number of Android device out there. It is hard to test every Android model and Android version to check. Overall, this app works on most devices without any issue. Below listed some features of this app.

Features of Open Camera App

  • Auto Picture leveling – Auto leveling feature helps to auto level your photos perfectly.
  • Easy to access camera functionalities – Easy to access settings like scene modes, White Balance, ISO, Color Effects, Flash and more.
  • Features to take auto photo capturing – You can use countdown or timer to trigger photo capturing. Support voice countdown to make it easier to take photos. If you do not like countdowns, you can make to noise to trigger photo capturing. It also works by saying cheese.
  • Has extra features to support external lenses – You can use upside down preview option to use attachable lenses.
  • Easy photo/video location tracker – You can find where you take this video or photo with automatic location tagging.
  • Photo / Video information tagging – You can apply date, time, location, custom text to photos, or even subtitles for videos too.
  • Panorama – Take cool panorama photos from front and main camera. Support both for your easiness. Best panorama camera app.
  • HDR – Natively support HDR. Take cools shots with HDR.
  • Noise Reduction – Noise reduction feature helps to take nice and smooth night photos. Comes with low light night mode feature to enhance night photos.
  • Completely free – This is a completely free Android camera application. Does not has advertisements like other free camera apk.

You can download this app directly from Google play store for free. No need to use any other source or to follow hard procedures. Open Play store and search this app name. Select and install this app from search results. If you do not have play store, you can use ac market. There are many other alternatives like B612, Camera MX and etc.