Perfect Site too iOS and Android Transformation


Have you decided to turn your WordPress site into an app? Congratulations, excellent idea. Installing apps on your smartphone is now everyone’s habit and if this is your intention, you will gain in terms of traffic and you can interact with your users in the way they like most.

In this guide we will help you understand if your site has all the features to be transformed into an app and we will show you how this great step is possible thanks to WordPress. With the WebView  you can make use of it.

What is an app?

First, let’s clarify what an app is. Everyone knows what it is, but we would like to highlight the features that an app must have to help you in the transformation of your site and your business. First of all, an app is very different from a website. It is in fact software that can be installed on smartphones and will allow users to access your services and content directly from it.

A very simple example is that of an online shop: if you have an eCommerce, turn it into an app to allow users to browse your catalog and buy products quickly and easily.

Even your blog can be turned into an app. It will become a much more pleasant way to navigate your content, easily find interesting articles and receive notifications on news or special events.

Can I turn any website into an app?

If theoretically any site can be transformed into an app , this is not the case in practice. Ask yourself if developing an app can help you interact better with your users and create added value for your business, think carefully and answer sincerely!

  • Carefully evaluate both the advantages that you will be able to derive and the costs to be incurred, in economic terms but also in terms of time.
  • In fact, keep in mind that this is a commitment: in addition to creating the app, you will still need to keep it updated and make sure that it works correctly on new devices.

At this point, maybe you realize that your site does not need an app at all, and that you would get the same results simply by improving mobile optimization and adding features that involve visitors more.

You don’t need an app, but do you want to make your WordPress site perfectly visible on smartphones and tablets? Check out the plugin we recommend in this guide.

How to turn your WordPress site into an app

If you decide to go to a developer or an agency to create your app, keep in mind that it is a totally different job from that of creating a website, so be sure to contact only specialized technicians in this sector.

This option, however, is quite expensive, although for sure you will get an excellent result.If your budget is limited, but you still don’t want to give up on quality, you can always create your app independently thanks to the excellent tools that we will now present to you.