How to Block Google Analytics from Tracking Your Own Visits


Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google Inc. that allows you to track, monitor and report traffic to your website. When you add Google Analytics in your website it allows you to track your website traffic and users activity such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc.

How to Block Google Analytics from Tracking Your Own Visits or IP address?

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There are many options to achieve this. In this post I will tell two easy options to block your visits or IP address.

Option 1

This one is a very simple option. Add a chrome extension – Block Yourself from Analytics. Just install it and add the name of website where you don’t want Google Analytics to track your visits. That’s it.

After installation of extension, select the icon added in the top right bar of Google Chrome. Now, select Options.

Enter the name of the website here, Best fonts for websites. After entering the name select Add button and click on Save. Now your IP address or your visit will not be counted towards website traffic for this website in Google Analytics report.

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Now let’s see option 2.

Option 2

Inside Google Analytics you can easily make some changes and block your own visits by adding your IP address. If you don’t know your IP address visit the following sites to find it- and

What Is My IP?

Your IP address will look like this: (example). Now that you know your IP address please note it down.

Login to Your Google Analytics Dashboard and select your website property.

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Now select Admin from the left side pane. Select the account where you don’t want the visits to be tracked. Now, select All Filters. Then click on ADD FILTER.

Enter any filter name, for example, I have given “Exclude Own Visits”.

Under Filter Type, by default Predefined is selected. Leave it as it is.

Under select filter type select Exclude.

Under Select expression select that are equal to.

Now enter your IP address which you don’t Google Analytics to track.

Then under Apply Filter to Views select All Web Site Data and click on Add.

Now scroll down a bit and select Save.

Thus, a new filter has been created which will now block Google Analytics from tracking your IP address.