Proper Telescopic Settings With the AK 47 Scope Mounts


For AK 47 you should not set the scope on scope mounts that are too high, especially on high bars such as Farrell, unless the scope will be used with a night vision attachment. Use the ak 47 slings for the best results in this case. But do not put on scope mounts that are too low, when there is no gap between the lens and the barrel. The gap between the sight lens and the barrel must be sufficient for installing Butler Creek-type protective covers on the sight lens, and for anti-fidelity tape (if they are planned to be installed later).

To install the optical sight, you must have the following tool:

  1. Lapping bar with the diameter of the main sight tube.
  2. Rods to control the alignment of the scope mount with the diameter of the main sight pipe.
  3. Abrasive lapping compound.


  1. Levels
  2. Torque screwdriver with TORX bit
  3. Torque wrenches

Special fixed-force wrenches can be used

  1. Loctite 242 or Loctite 243 thread lock

Choice of scope mounts

It is important to choose quality scope mounts, to choose the right height and inner diameter for the scope tube. Good factory scope mounts are made by firms.Correspondence table of Butler Creek flip open caps to the diameters of eyepieces and objectives (it is necessary to measure the outer diameter of the eyepiece body and the scope objective).

You can calculate the gap between the sight lens and the barrel as follows:

(The height of the scope mounts can be viewed on the manufacturers’ websites)

(B + A) – (D ÷ 2) + (F – H ÷ 2) = C

B – Distance from the top plane of the bar to the top of the barrel / receiver (mm)

A – Height of the scope mounts (mm)

D – Diameter of the lens barrel (mm)

F – Diameter of the barrel at the receiver (mm)

H – Diameter of the barrel under the sight lens (mm)

C – The gap between the body of the sight lens and the barrel (mm)

Titanium and steel scope mounts do not add much strength to the structure. Aluminum perfectly cope with the task. Rumor has it that it is better if the material from which the scope mounts are made will have a thermal expansion close to the material of the sight pipe. Rumor has it that at significant subzero temperatures, the sight in titanium scope mounts can “move out”. The scope mount for ak 47 is so strong.

Heavy sights, on large calibers I would recommend mounting them in the MAX scope mounts. In addition, using them, there is a small probability that the sight tube will deform when the scope mounts are tightly tightened, since the force will be distributed over a large area of ​​the sight tube.

Experts install the scope mounts on the bar short of the nuts. The scope mounts are “traditionally” placed with nuts on the left side.Install the optical sight in the scope mounts. Whenever possible, we try to put the scope mounts so that they are located on both sides of the drum body, in the middle of the main sight tube.