What is Interactive Marketing?


With time, comes new inventions and options. This couldn’t be truer within marketing. Just ten years ago, social media marketing was nothing more than an idea. Just twenty years ago, digital marketing or online marketing didn’t exist. Thirty years ago, content marketing via websites wasn’t even an option. 

However, let’s go back (or forward.) The latest trend to be added is interactive marketing. This type of marketing campaign is based on having interactive content in the form of video or content. Today, We Tag Videos is going to take a deep dive in.

Types of Interactive Marketing

Just as with email marketing or any other marketing strategy, interactive marketing includes multiple types of content. One main type is interactive videos. These marketing efforts are often created to get interaction with customers right in the video. 

Things like video-in-video, forms, real-time chats, and even informational pop-ups can give each person watching the video a unique experience. Added to this are interactive blog posts that allow for quizzes or other interactions as well as user-generated content in which clients can talk to one another and the company at the same time. 

Video Marketing

As the most obvious and talked about above, video marketing is where you can interact with the video through licking, typing, and dragging things around the video itself. 

Interactive Micro-Sites

Much like the “Control You Fate” Goosebumps books, these sites let you hope around through pages that directly relate to your needs. They require high loading times and a lot of planning. That’s why they’re best seen for travel sites. 

Interactive Social Media

Running ads isn’t just about video and photos anymore. Now, you can run an ad with an interactive poll that gets users to engage and look at your product. Think of asking, “Does pineapple go on pizza” if you’re running an ad as a pizza company. For each person that answers, they get a discount, and they get to see the average for all the answers. 

Purpose of Interactive Marketing

No matter the form of interactive marketing, the goal is the same; to engage users and increase the conversion rate and lead generation efforts. Interactive marketing relies on the desire of customers to have a custom and unique experience. 

By creating this unique experience for each customer, the idea is that more will take the time to be interested and engage back to learn more. Eventually, this will lead to more people converting and learning more about the topic. 

We Tag Videos for Your Interactive Video Marketing

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