Seven Tips On How To Speed Up Windows 10


Speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the top operating systems you should install on your computer. Windows 10 is ranked among the best because of its additional unique digital features built-in has excellent virus protection for your computer and besides, it is more light and a faster operating system. However, your windows may start lagging because of having many startup programs where the computer takes longer to start, having too many programs running at once is also another cause of windows running slowly and maybe having less hard drive space. These problems must be addressed faster before it causes the risk to the computer.

The following are tips to speed up Windows 10

Disabling the unnecessary startup apps

Installers may instruct programs to run immediately the computer is logged in, this allows many processes to run at the same time lagging your computer. You can disable these apps by

Opening the “task manager”

Select the “startup button”

Check the startup impact rate of each program, if high, then it is an indication of likeliness to slow your computer.

Disable the program to prevent it from starting by right-clicking and select the “disable” button.

Utilizing the disk cleanup

All the unnecessary items can be cleared at this moment. It is when you can temporarily delete files that are not in use but fill up space in your for disk cleanup on the windows, after opening this utility will give you options of files to delete by allowing you to click on the text boxes beside each file. After marking the files, click on the Cleanup system files button to begin. Space saved will be calculated by the system for you.

Disabling unused software

Some software may be bought with the PC and others might be installed for a short period use and forgotten. To check on you installed apps;

Click the control panel button>programs>programs and features

Select “uninstall a program” option

Right-click on the program you no longer use or need and select “uninstall”

Click “yes” for windows 10 to make changes in your system.

Disabling extra effects

Effects like shadows and animations can lower the speed of your windows 10 by increasing the RAM and CPU loads interfering with the system performance.

Use of solid-state drives

You can partition your computer hard disk by computing different files into smaller areas in the disk. the drives allow for faster reading and writing time where files move shorter distances.after the partitioning and usage of solid-state drives you will realize a quick computer response and shorter booting time of the PC.

Updating the windows

Update the Windows 10 if you might have taken long before updating the windows and hence it might need a major update.

Making windows 10 booting time shorter on startup

Select a hybrid startup mode this reduces the booting time by putting the PC system into hibernation than shutting it down completely. To activate this option

Click the “start” key and search for the “control panel.”

Click “change what the power button does” option on the power options

Click on the “change settings not available currently.”

Then select the “turn on fast startup” option.


When the windows 10 operating system is running slow, you can follow the above seven simple tips to enhance its speed and reduce the risk of the PC stops. Always when shutting down the computer, follow the right procedure by first closing all the programs on the Windows desktop to reduce the risk of slow processing by the PC and reducing the booting time.