Significance Of HIPAA Compliance For Text Messaging


The federal law HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act] is designed to protect the patient’s sensitive healthcare data and medical records. It consists of many rules and regulations defining the handling and disclosure of patient’s data. Some protected information examples include lab test results, healthcare bills, biometric identifiers, insurance papers, and a patient’s contact number or email address. 

Disclosure of a patient’s details through regular texting can cause HIPAA violation because of multiple reasons. Even if the patient is too careful in protecting his/her phone there is a possibility that someone can gain access. 

In this COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine solution is in high demand as it is a convenient way to interact with a healthcare provider. However, the issue for medical texting is it is not secure because using apps like WhatsApp or Skype for discussing a patient’s sensitive details via text is a violation of HIPAA compliance. Besides, sending and receiving text manually increases workload exponentially. You need a HIPAA compliant texting solution like iPlum. It is a free app that helps to text with patients securely. 

Benefits of integrating a secure texting solution

According to healthcare providers, sending SMS is more convenient than sending emails or calling. The integration of the texting solution with an HER helps to simplify and streamline the daily administrative process of your clinic.

Cuts phone volumes in half 

Healthcare providers want to introduce a 2-way texting solution because every mobile phone owner checks their devices more than a hundred times a day. It is easy to send a text instead of calling the patients for an appointment reminder. Sending them text cuts the time in waiting for an answer. 

Leaving a text means they can interact whenever it is convenient for them. Even patients find texting solutions convenient as they don’t need to wait for the front desk staff to answer their call. They can gain answers to their dilemmas from the healthcare provider leaving a text. 

Enhances preventative care

While administering care, healthcare providers are reactive rather than proactive, according to patients. It is due to a lack of communication. Healthcare providers cannot call the patients every time for preventative screening. The text allows communication and the healthcare provider can keep their patients updated with care options. 

Right texting solution helps to set automated messages that notify patients about an upcoming routine checkup. Even sending self-care and wellness tips help patients stay aware of their health. 

Simplifies appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling over the phone is tedious. First, the doctor checks his schedule and informs the patient via phone call. He waits for them to select the time slot before setting a date. With a reliable texting solution, patients can be informed about the available slots, which allows them to choose the one suitable for them. Besides, in case of schedule changes notifying patients via texting is also a lot easier.

Reduces missing appointment

Missed appointments cost significantly every year. Out of one in five patients miss the scheduled appointments. Phone call reminders can hardly reduce the no-show numbers because people hardly answer the calls from strange numbers. Texting is a more effective solution to remind patients about their upcoming appointments. 

Use a HIPAA texting solution like iPlum for more security and compliance!